New York Times - Oct 12 2014

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Clues Answers
'American Pie' songwriter MCLEAN
'But wait, there's more ...' AND
'Come again?' WHAT
'I wouldn't bet on it!' FATCHANCE
'To reiterate ...' IREPEAT
'___ Grows in Brooklyn' ATREE
'___ it!' SOBE
12 months, in Rio ANO
1960s dance WATUSI
1998 Winter Olympics host NAGANO
Activist Brockovich ERIN
Actress Falco EDIE
Andrea or Nicolò, in the music world AMATI
Army E-7: Abbr SFC
Artist Frida renowned for her self-portraits KAHLO
AT&T Stadium team, on scoreboards DAL
Atmospheric probe SONDE
Avian mimic MACAW
Bacalao and boquerones TAPAS
Become fixated OBSESS
Beethoven's 'Hammerklavier,' e.g SONATA
Belabor, say OVERDO
Best suited APTEST
Blues rocker Chris REA
Boosts UPS
Botanist Gray ASA
Broccoli-like vegetable RAPINI
Brush material SAGE
Charges WARDS
Chihuahua cry ARF
Contact info abbr TEL
Corner key ESC
Dedicated AVID
Deteriorate rapidly HANDGOTOHELLBASKET
Dinners at which people read at the table SEDERS
Directs, as a conversation STEERS
Excellence MERIT
First steamship with a planned circumnavigation of the globe ARGO
Fixed, as Easter eggs REDYED
French port just up the coast from Boulogne CALAIS
French possessive SES
Game warden? REF
Gaps are filled with them CLOTHES
Gentle alarms BEEPS
Gets in the game ANTES
Girl's name that becomes a different girl's name if you switch the first two letters AMY
Go off ERUPT
Go on to say ADD
Goalie Howard of U.S.A.'s 2010 and '14 World Cup teams TIM
Greeted and seated SAWIN
Gun brand not endorsed by the 111-Down NERF
Half of Mork's farewell NANU
Hearing-related AURAL
Hide stuff LEATHER
Ho preceder HEAVE
Honduras-to-Guatemala dirección OESTE
Hypnotist's signal SNAP
International cricket match TEST
It may be limited or late EDITION
It's hard to find HAYNEEDLESTACK
It. is there EUR
Key of Grieg's only piano concerto AMINOR
La Jolla campus, briefly UCSD
Lakers, to Celtics, e.g RIVAL
Leading indicator? COALCANARYMINE
Like a pilot that's working again RELIT
Like most graffiti, for short ANON
Clues Answers
Like some chardonnays OAKY
Like some truths HARSH
Locale that made Hillary famous MTEVEREST
Long-billed wading bird SNIPE
Luau locale LANAI
Mailroom stamp RECD
Make ___ dash for AMAD
Michael of 'The Great Santini' OKEEFE
Michigan, in Chicago: Abbr AVE
Much ado about nothing TEATEMPESTPOT
Neutrinos, symbolically NUS
One of a dozen popes PIUS
One who's enthralled, metaphorically CANDYKIDSTORE
Ones left holding the bag? CADDIES
Opposite of waste CONSERVE
Photographic memory, e.g GIFT
Ping maker SONAR
Pitbull or Snoop Dogg RAPPER
Play ___ AREA
Plotting UPTO
Preach, e.g ORATE
Quod ___ demonstrandum ERAT
Relative of turquoise TEAL
Relinquish QUIT
Response to a 26-Across, perhaps AAH
Sake source RICE
Scruffs NAPES
See 69-Down NRA
Shakespearean lament ALACK
Short end of the stick RAWDEAL
Show disdain for, in a way HISSAT
Sinus specialist, succinctly ENT
Some launch sites SILOS
Something on a hero, maybe WHITEHAT
Speedily ATARUN
Speedily INHASTE
Spruce up NEATEN
Studio behind 'Amadeus' and 'Platoon' ORION
Subject of some '50s-'60s experiments LSD
Suffix with ball OON
Sunday recess? APSE
Sweetie pie TOOTS
Thicket COPSE
Third person masculine? ABEL
Thousands, in slang GEES
Tombstone figure EARP
Took back, as lost territory REWON
Top of the Eiffel Tower? BERET
Transgression OFFENSE
Two-time title role for Chris Hemsworth THOR
U.S.N. rank CPO
Ugly one TOAD
Untouchable, e.g TMAN
Vane dir NNE
Viennese one EIN
Weird Al Yankovic, e.g PARODIST
Went out with DATED
What stripes and polka dots do CLASH
When repeated, party cry CHUG
Winning an Oscar, Emmy and Tony, e.g TRIFECTA
World peace, e.g IDEAL
___ curiam decision PER
___ Peace Prize (award discontinued in 1990) LENIN
___-Ball SKEE
___-Detoo ('Star Wars' droid) ARTOO