USA Today - Oct 11 2014

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Clues Answers
"King of the ___" ROAD
"Quiet!" HUSHUP
Absolute requirement MUST
African capital ACCRA
American Red Cross organizer Barton CLARA
Aquatic bird GULL
Atahualpa, for one INCA
Attack with vigor ASSAIL
Big name on the farm DEERE
Builder of a famous 45-Across NOAH
Bus destination STOP
Clods OAFS
Cumbersome water vehicles ARKS
Dance in a barn HOEDOWN
Dough GELT
Drubbing ROUT
Dupe's diamond PASTE
Earth, in sci-fi fare TERRA
Editorial notation STET
Eye lasciviously OGLE
Fastening item TNUT
Fill to excess SATE
Fine and dandy AOK
Fine sprays MISTS
Fine-tune TWEAK
Friend for Rover FIDO
Furrow RUT
George Burns prop STOGIE
German surrealist ERNST
Greek deli order GYRO
Hangs heavy SAGS
Have fun with Lego blocks ERECT
Home invaders, at times ANTS
Homer's first letter ALPHA
India's first prime minister NEHRU
Involuntary movements TICS
Irritant in one's side? THORN
Island in the West Indies CUBA
It can leave you all washed up SPONGEBATH
Clues Answers
Kind of food or music SOUL
Kind of wave HEAT
Lacking in resonance, e.g TINNY
Leather outfit? TANNERY
Like a post-eruption landscape ASHY
Lot measurement AREA
Make lace, in a way TAT
Make violently mad ENRAGE
Makeshift shed LEANTO
Maui music makers, briefly UKES
NASA postponement NOGO
Nobelist of 1984 TUTU
Number that changes once per year AGE
Place to curl up and dye? SALON
Plymouth landmark ROCK
Press for news? MEDIA
Production manager's concern OUTPUT
Professes ASSERTS
Puts a value on RATES
Remove, as a badge UNPIN
Shah Jahan's burial site AGRA
Sheiks' guests, maybe (var.) AGHAS
Slimy stuff GOO
Slips up ERRS
Some are martial ARTS
Soon, poetically ANON
Soviet political prison GULAG
Spaghetti alternative ANGELHAIR
Sprain application ICE
Taxidermy subject DEER
Teatime treat SCONE
This org. has a lot of pull ADA
Tony-winning musical of 1954 KISMET
Tossing game HOTPOTATO
Type of cook SHORTORDER
Victor over Connors at Wimbledon ASHE
Villainous visages SNEERS
Wedding participant USHER