New York Times - Mar 25 2007

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Clues Answers
'Alfie' actress, 2004 TOMEI
'The Sound of Music' name TRAPP
'___ chance' NOTA
16th-century council city TRENT
1920's White House name CAL
2001 Sean Penn film IAMSAM
A cabinet dept. AGR
Action film hero Williams REMO
Alums do it REUNE
Any 'Rock 'n' Roll High School' band member RAMONE
Ballerina Pavlova ANNA
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Roush EDD
Be a fink TATTLE
Biographer Leon EDEL
Blasting aid TNT
Blood: Prefix HEMO
Book size, in printing QUARTO
Calling the author of 'In Cold Blood'? RINGINGTRU
Canton's home OHIO
Carat divs. PTS
Carnaby Street types MODS
Carol starter ADESTE
Cause of an intl. incident, maybe NTEST
Cereal box abbr. NETWT
Chocolaty treats BROWNIES
Clerical garment ALB
Conservatives waiting in line? RIGHTONQUEUE
Court plea, in brief NOLO
Cross words SPAT
Cub leader AKELA
Debussy opus LAMER
Dedicated an ode to LAUDED
Did some bookkeeping CLERKED
Downsize without layoffs ATTRITE
Druid, e.g. PRIEST
Edible spherule GREENPEA
Eerie ability ESP
Entre ___ NOUS
Equinox mo. MAR
Expulsion from a court? TENNISSHOO
French port BREST
Gave power to ENABLED
Genesis son SETH
Geom. solid SPH
Go unhurriedly AMBLE
Goes bonkers RANTS
Halloween activity SCARING
Hawkish PROWAR
Hillbillies' coif? MOUNTAINDO
History units ERAS
Idle, with 'around' PUTTER
In ___ (not yet born) UTERO
In ___ land LALA
Insect-eating plant SUNDEW
It may be found under a grate SEWER
Jay Gould railroad ERIE
Journalist Sheehy GAIL
Juilliard subj. MUS
Kick target SHIN
Kin of -kin ULE
Knuckle-dragger BRUTE
Lancelot lover ELAINE
Lays at the door of BLAMES
Left on board APORT
Like a Miata SPORTY
Loses on purpose DIETS
Lost zip STALED
Lustrous fabric SATEEN
Clues Answers
Makeshift swing TIRE
Mess up TOUSLE
Monokini's lack BRA
Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt ALICE
Necessitate ENTAIL
New stylings REDOS
Nobelist Niels BOHR
Nose-wrinkler ODOR
Novelist Binchy MAEVE
Oater command GIT
One drawing sympathy SADCASE
Operatic prince IGOR
Oscar-winning director of 2005 ANGLEE
Overshadow DWARF
Pen's end NIB
Picks, with 'for' OPTS
Pilot's vision problem REDOUT
Polo Grounds legend OTT
Pool group STENOS
Pouty look MOUE
Poverty-stricken INNEED
Prince Valiant's son ARN
Pro ___ RATA
Puts into effect ENACTS
Qum native IRANI
Reactor parts RODS
Really enjoyed ATEUP
Ref. work with more than 300,000 entries OED
River of central Germany EDER
Role-play, say PRETEND
Scene of a fall EDEN
Scout's find TALENT
Sent, in a way FAXED
Shia, e.g. SECT
Shoebox marking EEE
Shoulder muscle, briefly DELT
Simple digs LEANTO
Sinatra impersonator on 'S.N.L.' PISCOPO
Sitting Bull being evasive? RUNAROUNDSIOUX
Some calculations ODDS
Sonnet endings SESTETS
State of increased quantity MORENESS
Stays for another hitch REUPS
Stopped arguing RESTED
Swindle, slangily BURN
Take a shot TRY
Taxco wrap SERAPE
Teamed up ALLIED
Tequila brand, for short CUERVO
Test version BETA
The munchies, for one URGE
They're depressed during exams TONGUES
Thing to do DEED
Those on the bench SUBS
Time on end EON
Timeless, in verse ETERNE
Totally nuts GAGA
Treaty subject ARMS
TV remote, e.g. SELECTOR
Vanilla-flavored treat CREAMSODA
Verne skipper NEMO
Wall Street option PUT
What van Gogh said regarding ears? IDONTHAVETWO
Wilhelm I ruled it PRUSSIA
Worthless African animal? NOTHINGGNU
___ Balls (Hostess brand) SNO
___ Miguel (Azores island) SAO
___ whim ONA