L.A. Times Sunday - Mar 25 2007

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Clues Answers
"...let nothing you ---" DISMAY
"Adam and Eve on ---" ARAFT
"Just ---" DOIT
"Magnificent Seven" actor Buchholz HORST
"Rags-to-riches" writer ALGER
"Star Wars" Princess Leia --- ORGANA
"The Bells" writer POE
A whole bunch LOTS
Actress Del Rio DOLORES
Amorphous chair BEANBAG
Amused San Joaquin County city? LAUGHINGSTOCKTON
Antiquities ELDS
Artist Lalique or Magritte RENE
B-ball boo-boos FOULS
Bandleader-doll duo? KENTONANDBARBIE
Be beaten LOSE
Before hoe or down BACK
Bridge beastie TROLL
Brought up REARED
Bugs the gangster MORAN
Butter's betters, to some OLEOS
C food? LEMON
Caesarean section? VENI
Caterer's supply URNS
Chain store name LOWE
Coalition BLOC
Cognac label abbr. VSOP
Collapse in the clutch CHOKE
Computer collection DATABASE
Congregation's area NAVE
Dense dumpling? HARDWONTON
E-journal BLOG
Emulate Xanthippe NAG
Eric's guitar players? CLAPTONHANDS
Estados Unidos, "por ejemplo" PAIS
Fair in Ayr BONNY
Famed fountain TREVI
Farm fraction ACRE
Fashionable Dutch master? FRANSHALSTON
Fever fit AGUE
Flexible-snouted mammal COATI
Form-fitting SNUG
Fort Knox bar INGOT
Fourth of February WEEK
Freshens the stamp pad INKS
Gets, as game BAGS
Gleeful laugh CHORTLE
GOP center OLD
Gussy up PRIMP
Gwen in "Damn Yankees" LOLA
Hagiographer's abbrs. STES
Hammer heel PEEN
Handled roughly PAWED
Hard throw PEG
Have sticktoitiveness? ADHERE
Heater feature COIL
Heavy hammers SLEDGES
Hirsute Tibetans YAKS
Hit squarely NAIL
Hot spring GEYSER
Icky or sticky stuff GOOP
iMac icon TRASH
Inamorata FLAME
Indulge HUMOR
Is a willing participant? INHERITS
Is stingy SCRIMPS
Isolation SOLITUDE
Clues Answers
It may cover elbows PESTO
Jet flyer's problem LAG
Justice O'Connor's successor ALITO
Keep an eye out for? ABET
Kenyan capital NAIROBI
Kim of "Picnic" NOVAK
Lawyer employer CLIENT
LAX regulator FAA
Like Miss Congeniality NICE
Like the o in GOP LONG
Looks amused GRINS
Losing streak SKID
Make more points than OUTSCORE
Makes invisible, per "Star Trek" CLOAKS
Manual opener STEPONE
Mass assents AMENS
Monty Python specialty SKIT
More illustrious NOBLER
Mr. Moto portrayer Peter LORRE
Mrs. Dick Tracy TESS
National leader from Georgia STALIN
Not "esta" or "esa" OTRA
Ocean liner? SHORE
Oil and vinegar holders CRUETS
Opera's Montserrat CABALLE
Outahere GONE
Pepper on a platter SGT
Person with a pad STENO
Place for a mobile CRIB
Playwright Clifford ODETS
Positive bit on the links? GOLFPROTON
Post-spell prince FROG
Powerful Pontiac GTO
Prepare pears CORE
Rabbit ears, e.g. ANTENNA
Relief from grief SOLACE
Removes graffiti ERASES
Rhyme or reason SENSE
Right-turn signal GEE
Rocker-congressman Bono SONNY
Row of pawns, e.g. OCTET
Running totals? YARDS
Salome's septet VEILS
Seed protector ARIL
Senator's constituency STATE
Snicker follower SNEE
Solid-colored pool ball TWO
Spike and stiletto HEELS
Staples basketmakers LAKERS
Surface smoother PLANER
Takes the cake? EATS
Tell's canton URI
They split when ripe SEEDPODS
They're sometimes circled WAGONS
Tolerate STOMACH
Toon skunk Le Pew PEPE
Tootin' lead-in ROOTIN
Toteboard tally ODDS
Trumped up tales LIED
Turn off VEER
Uncanny EERIE
Unfilled-in BLANK
Universal control? EVERYTHINGBUTTON
Without missing --- ABEAT
Wrap session material SARAN
Your, among Friends THY