- Oct 6 2014

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Clues Answers
''Build that somewhere else!'' NOTINMYBACKYARD
''Don't care what they do'' LETEM
''Time __ a premium'' ISAT
A pair of TWO
Aromas ODORS
Assistant AIDE
Backs of necks NAPES
Be a retailer in SELL
Be unselfish SHARE
Blissful settings EDENS
Cairo's river NILE
Coffee alternative TEA
Completely mistaken OUTINLEFTFIELD
Computer whiz GEEK
Conflict, as colors CLASH
Doggie doc VET
Elbowroom SPACE
Espionage org CIA
Fence post STAKE
Figure-skating surface ICE
Figure-skating venue RINK
Fireplace residue ASH
Folk story TALE
Garment label TAG
Golf pegs TEES
Got some shuteye SLEPT
Half a quart PINT
Himalayan nation NEPAL
Honolulu's island OAHU
Hourly pay WAGE
How contracts are signed ININK
Letters meaning ''right away'' ASAP
Long-lasting hairdos PERMS
Made simpler EASED
Masseuse's workplace SPA
Methods WAYS
Mexican money PESO
Midleg joint KNEE
Clues Answers
Mount Rushmore's state: Abbr SDAK
New Hampshire neighbor MAINE
New person on the payroll HIREE
On an even __ (steady) KEEL
Ongoing TV show SERIES
Opposite of WNW ESE
Outer boundary EDGE
Performed in a choir SANG
Performing groups CASTS
Perfume bottle VIAL
Pine product in varnish RESIN
Portions of corn EARS
Prince George, to William SON
Provide temporarily LEND
Pub brews ALES
Reduced-price event SALE
Region AREA
Remove the soap from RINSE
Roster LIST
Satellite's path ORBIT
Saudi Arabia's continent ASIA
Scoffing remark ASIF
Self-assurance POISE
Something easy to do AWALKINTHEPARK
Sounds of disapproval TSKTSK
Soup vessels POTS
Spine-tingling EERIE
Sum's bottom line TOTAL
Tex-Mex folded food TACO
Threesome TRIO
Thumbs-down vote NAY
Track down TRACE
Turnpike charge TOLL
Verbal exam ORAL
Violin holder CASE
Watch with amazement GAPEAT
Wedding words IDO
Window ledge SILL
Young male horse COLT