L.A. Times Daily - Oct 5 2014

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Clues Answers
"... O, be some __ name": Juliet OTHER
"Breaking Bad" marathon component, e.g RERUN
"I have it!" EUREKA
"I'm ready to sign" ITSADEAL
"I'm __ here!" OUTA
"It's my concern ..." IFEAR
"It's __ sort of memory that only works backward": Carroll APOOR
"Le Misanthrope" playwright MOLIERE
"Phooey!" BAH
"Zoom-Zoom" sloganeer MAZDA
'50s nuclear trial ATEST
1944 invasion city STLO
Acknowledge quietly NODTO
Acquired WON
Alpine Austrian state TYROL
Arp genre DADA
Artist's aid EASEL
Award named for a mystery writer EDGAR
Barbershop symbol POLE
Barhopping tour PUBCRAWL
Baseball card brand FLEER
Big picture?: Abbr ENL
Bluesy James ETTA
Branch branch TWIG
Breakfast companion? BED
Cairo's river NILE
Cantilevered window ORIEL
Capital near Casablanca RABAT
Capital of Pakistan's Punjab province LAHORE
Certain camera, for short SLR
Certain polytheist PAGAN
Chilled soup SCHAV
Circle dance HORA
Cold spell in Manama? BAHRAINFREEZE
Colorado native UTE
Connecticut Ivy Leaguer ELI
Coral component POLYP
Crunch's rank CAPN
Cyan shade AQUA
Diamond irregularity FLAW
Dieter's catchword LOFAT
Ding Dong relative HOHO
Does a classroom chore ERASES
Domestic sci HOMEEC
Durable wood TEAK
DVD box caution UNRATED
Easy-to-make breakfast brand EGGOS
Entry level pos ASST
Excitement about boxing practice? SPARRINGFEVER
Expand SWELL
Eye part containing the iris UVEA
Fictional bell town ADANO
Fictional plantation TARA
Firm symbols LOGOS
Fools, to Puck MORTALS
Forgets the words, maybe HUMS
Fries-to-be SPUDS
Get real? COMETRUE
Goolagong rival EVERT
Grad school degs MBAS
Grand Marquis, for short MERC
Great buy STEAL
Gutter locale EAVE
Haggling over a parrot purchase? POLLYBARGAINING
Hamm of soccer MIA
Head lock TRESS
Heart, basically PUMP
Homer's watering hole MOES
Hug in the pool? WATERCARESS
In the style of ALA
Clues Answers
Info provider STOOLIE
Interval between related events TIMELAG
IRS employee TMAN
Item on a Billboard list HIT
Job detail SPEC
Jump out of one's skin? MOLT
Kindle competitor NOOK
Last word of Kipling's "If—" SON
Leave EXIT
Level-headed SANE
Leveling wedges SHIMS
Like many barbershop quartets ALLMALE
Lively folk dances HOEDOWNS
Long-running talk show OPRAH
Low area SWALE
Macbeth, vis-Г -vis Glamis THANE
Makes a move ACTS
Mate GUV
Medicare section PARTB
MGM motto word ARS
More risky DICIER
More spine-tingling EERIER
Movie critic Pauline KAEL
North __ STAR
Omar's "Mod Squad" role LINC
One may be wired NARC
Overflow TEEM
Pacing, perhaps EDGY
Physician's org AMA
Pinot, for one GRAPE
Pizazz OOMPH
Play producer STAGER
Point in time MOMENT
Post-Renaissance gal pals? TWOBAROQUEGIRLS
Pot starters ANTES
PR specialist SPINDOC
Prefix with sac OVI
Prefix with sexual METRO
Puzzles in the game show "Concentration" REBUSES
Rapper __ Jon LIL
Road crew supply ASPHALT
Runner in the woods BROOK
Rush order shorthand ASAP
Salk vaccine target POLIO
Sch. founded by Jefferson UVA
Scott Turow work ONEL
Sedgwick of "The Closer" KYRA
Sixth __ SENSE
Something you break when you leave it CAMP
Soprano Kiri Te Kanawa, e.g MAORI
Sounds of uncertainty HAWS
Soviet cooperative ARTEL
Spotted SAW
State, to Jacques ETAT
Story set to music BALLAD
Sub in a bag HERO
Switch SWAP
Takei role SULU
Tennis do-over LET
Text message qualifier FWIW
The Beavers of the Pac-12 OSU
Three-time French Open champ __ Sánchez Vicario ARANTXA
TV partner of Hutch STARSKY
Unconcerned with right and wrong AMORAL
Use as a reference CITE
Venue for unwise investments? FOLLYMARKET
Walden Pond headrest? THOREAUPILLOW
Wedding site ALTAR
Word repeated after "She loves you," in a '60s hit YEAH
World __ POWER