- Oct 5 2014

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Clues Answers
''Back to the Future'' lead role MARTYMCFLY
''Fahrenheit 451'' author RAYBRADBURY
''Mamma Mia!'' foursome ABBA
''On the Waterfront'' lead role TERRYMALLOY
''Roots'' writer HALEY
''The King and I'' setting SIAM
''Too,'' to ''two'' HOMONYM
3 Down selections ARIAS
About six trillion mi LTYR
Actor Neeson LIAM
Ad-__ (improvises) LIBS
Adjusts, as tires REALIGNS
Air of mystery AURA
Allan-__ (Robin Hood pal) ADALE
Any 102 Across tune OLDIE
Aspirations GOALS
Aussie birds EMUS
Bearded actor Woolley MONTY
Before long, in a poem ANON
Beseeched PRAYED
Braying beasts ASSES
Busey who portrayed 102 Across GARY
Butterlike OILY
Car shaft AXLE
Cardiology concern AORTA
Charged atoms IONS
Civic service club LIONS
Civil War historian FOOTE
Coming right up NEXT
Considers DEEMS
Cover completely ENCASE
Cube creator RUBIK
Defeat, à la Oakley OUTSHOOT
Devoid of vegetation BARREN
Disembark GOASHORE
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Doggy-biscuit shape BONE
Drop off ABATE
Dude BRO
Erratic JERKY
Exchanged witticisms BANTERED
Exited LEFT
Feel bad for PITY
Female turkeys HENS
Fictional governess EYRE
Film choreographer Berkeley BUSBY
First 007 film DRNO
Fossil preserver AMBER
Fragrance ODOR
Friend in the 'hood HOMIE
Full of froth SUDSY
Gallery event ARTSHOW
Gathers dust SITS
Good score for a duffer BOGEY
Got sidetracked STRAYED
Hard to come by RARE
Has the nerve DARES
Heron cousin EGRET
HS exams PSATS
Hymn instrument ORGAN
Ill-tempered SURLY
In the past AGO
Industrious ones DOERS
Inert gas NEON
Jazz genre BLUES
Justice Kagan appointer OBAMA
Large group ARMY
London high-rent district MAYFAIR
Make eyes at OGLE
Makes public BARES
Many a newspaper DAILY
Clues Answers
Measuring device GAUGE
Med. scan EEG
Mideast airline ELAL
Misfortunes ILLS
Model-plane wood BALSA
Monkey business PRANKS
Motown Records founder BERRYGORDY
Murphy of ''Shrek'' EDDIE
Nautical ''Halt!'' AVAST
Newcastle's river TYNE
Nothing more than ONLY
Novelist McMurtry LARRY
Obliterate ERASE
Olympic gymnast Korbut OLGA
One of two bandleader siblings TOMMYDORSEY
One of two bandleader siblings JIMMYDORSEY
Onetime ''60 Minutes'' regular ANDYROONEY
Outfielder who became an evangelist BILLYSUNDAY
Paddled ROWED
Paramedic: Abbr EMT
Patron saint of Norway OLAV
Physicist Sakharov ANDREI
Presidential caucus state IOWA
Pretty tall SIXEIGHT
Put to rest ALLAY
Rat Pack name SAMMY
Really impress DAZZLE
Religious belief FAITH
Renders creatively STYLIZES
River of Russia URAL
Roamer NOMAD
Rock-music pioneer BUDDYHOLLY
Rooftop spinner VANE
Ruckus DIN
Scientific study OLOGY
Second-generation reggae artist ZIGGYMARLEY
Seeing red IRATE
Singer Frankie or Cleo LAINE
Singer Tori AMOS
Single statistic DATUM
Sixth word of ''A Tale of Two Cities'' TIMES
Societal norms MORES
Spring zodiac sign ARIES
Stadium seating for VIPs SKYBOXES
Steed feeder NOSEBAG
Stores securely STOWS
Straw hat BOATER
Succulent plants ALOES
Sultan's wives HAREM
Tallow source SUET
Tampers with RIGS
Tentative negative MAYBENOT
Three, to Marie TROIS
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
Tickles pink THRILLS
Toll roads PIKES
Trash-bag closer TIE
Trifled TOYED
Ulla in ''The Producers'' UMA
Underhanded SLY
US acquisition of 1898 GUAM
Utters impulsively BLURTS
Verdi masterwork AIDA
Very long time AGES
Wharf PIER
With skill ABLY
Word-game pieces TILES
Worship from __ AFAR
Zigzag WEAVE
__ out a victory (barely wins) EKES