USA Today - Oct 1 2014

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Clues Answers
"Got it?" SEE
"I'd consider ___ honor!" ITAN
"Live Free or Die," for New Hampshire MOTTO
"To err is ___" HUMAN
"___ Little Indians" (Christie mystery) TEN
007 creator Fleming IAN
Abu ___, UAE DHABI
Adventurous tale GESTE
Backrub response AAH
Be in harmony AGREE
Better suited APTER
Big-house connector ASA
Binary code digit ONE
Birds' abodes NESTS
Cake finishers ICERS
Capital of a U.S. state BOISE
Chinese city SHANGHAI
Classic George Burns film OHGOD
Demon's opposite ANGEL
Derbies and Stetsons HATS
Double play started by Manny Machado AROUNDTHEHORN
Easily split mineral MICA
Eavesdrop LISTENIN
Elevator shoes provide them LIFTS
Flanders of cartoons NED
Flop of a firecracker DUD
Foolish INANE
Frontiersman Daniel BOONE
Furry or feathered friend PET
Garlic-crushing device PRESS
Give one a hard time HASSLE
Havana houses CASAS
Helicopter pioneer Sikorsky IGOR
Hercules had 12 LABORS
Here-there link NOR
Homer that can leave one winded INSIDETHEPARK
Hot tub-entering sounds AHS
Indication of goodness HALO
Clues Answers
Jamboree grp BSA
Kremlin refusal NYET
Lash ___ (berate) OUTAT
Log cabin president ABE
Lose tautness SAG
Midwestern air hub OHARE
Minute arachnid MITE
Nod's verbal equivalent UHHUH
Offspring of Japanese immigrants NISEI
Pacino and Gore ALS
Part of the NAACP? ASSN
Paver's gunk TAR
Percussive dance TAP
Procurement submission SEALEDBID
Racing equine HORSE
Radio's PBS NPR
Radios for good buddies? CBS
Sched. listing ETD
Section of the Masters FRONTNINE
Short bosses? MGRS
Sister of Eva and Zsa Zsa MAGDA
Some live behind bars SOTS
Sports page info STANDINGS
Sportscaster Musburger BRENT
Sticky stuff GOO
Tackle-box items HOOKS
They can be clear and blue SKIES
Took the bench SAT
Tree with cones PINE
Twin brother of Jacob ESAU
Twisted-horn antelope KUDU
Two, in Mexico DOS
What to do on your own two feet STAND
Where foul territory resides OUTSIDETHELINES
Wife of Jacob LEAH
___ Joaquin Valley SAN
___ nova (Brazilian music) BOSSA