USA Today - Mar 23 2007

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Clues Answers
''Bus Stop'' playwright INGE
''Give'' partner TAKE
''Sophie's Choice'' character STINGO
Absorb, as a cost EAT
Anguilliform one EEL
Assayer's material ORE
Bawl SOB
Big cat PUMA
Canon competitor RICOH
Carplike fish BREAM
Catamaran feature SAIL
Chain of hills RIDGE
Coarse tools RASPS
Combatant FOE
Compact name ESTEE
Cracked a bit AJAR
Dead heats TIES
Down with a bug, e.g. ILL
Dress style ALINE
Evidence acquisition? PURCHASEOFPROOF
Falter at the finish FADE
Filly's mother MARE
Floral neckwear LEI
Four seasons in 29-Across ANO
Georgia city MACON
Hard work doing some math? LABOROFDIVISION
Have an inkling SENSE
Heavenly glow AURA
Homer Simpson's outburst DOH
Hostess Mesta PERLE
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
In comparable shape ASFIT
In ___ of LIEU
Jazzman Pete's childhood? YOUTHOFFOUNTAIN
Lite product's boast, perhaps SUGARFREE
Look ___ (visit briefly) INON
Make, as money EARN
Many a Middle Easterner ARAB
MGM lion LEO
Clues Answers
Military sch., perhaps ACAD
Mystical board OUIJA
Not a pro ANTI
Old Oldsmobiles TORONADOS
Part of a flight STAIR
PC competitor IMAC
Poet Khayyám OMAR
Polite query MAYI
Pooch in ''The Thin Man'' ASTA
Praisers using verse ODISTS
Predatory whale ORCA
Prefix meaning ''both'' AMBI
Quickly deleted e-mail SPAM
Recipe direction SIFT
Remedy CURE
River in Missouri OSAGE
Round of four SEMIFINALS
Safety org. founded in 1980 MADD
Shakespearean ''soon'' ANON
Sister of Absalom TAMAR
Sloppy-landing sound SPLAT
Some paints OILS
Sound quality TONE
Sounds of discovery AHAS
Spanish abode CASA
Sticking point RUB
Still in bed NOTUP
Superman portrayer REEVE
Taxpayer's ID SSN
Teen catchphrase ASIF
Texas A&M player AGGIE
Udder part TEAT
Unlucky consequence TOUGHBREAK
Used to own HAD
Verboten TABOO
What time will do to a wound HEAL
Wrestling need MAT
Writer Anais NIN
You may have a spot of it TEA