USA Today - Sep 30 2014

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Clues Answers
"Answer, please" (Abbr.) RSVP
"Fifteen Miles on the ___ Canal" ERIE
"For Whom the Bell ___" TOLLS
"Merchant of Venice" heroine PORTIA
"Oompah" instrument TUBA
"Rubber Capital of the World" AKRON
1981 Beatty film REDS
58-Across is one TIRE
Advantage for strikers UNITY
After-dinner wine PORT
Again from square one ANEW
Agenda for the future PLANS
Alexandra's husband TSAR
Be shaky on one's feet TOTTER
Boldness in battle VALOR
Bottom of a shoe SOLE
Breath fresheners MINTS
Brook RILL
Cameo shape OVAL
Caress PET
Carry a balance OWE
Comic-book gunfire sounds RATATATS
Controversial weapon UZI
Convent residents NUNS
Copier necessity TONER
De-squeak OIL
Desert caravan stops OASES
Devoid of moisture SERE
Earned, as money MADE
Eleanor's follower as first lady BESS
Fawlty and Rathbone BASILS
Fireplace remnant EMBER
Grass appendage AWN
Grimm beginning? ONCE
Guarantee (with "for") VOUCH
Gunshot at a track meet START
Clues Answers
Imperturbable one STOIC
It's softer than quartz OPAL
Itty-___ BITTY
La ___ (Italian opera house) SCALA
Laundry emanation ODOR
Lennon's wife ONO
Like a storied piper PIED
Like Professor Moriarty EVIL
Lunch-box cookie OREO
Mantra chanter LAMA
Mayberry teacher Helen CRUMP
More in need of a workout regiment FLABBIER
Morocco's capital RABAT
Most congenial NICEST
Navigation aids CHARTS
Opera highlight ARIA
Peru's capital LIMA
Pie a la ___ MODE
Poker dealer's requirement ANTE
Role in a play PART
Run without rushing TROT
Sink as low as one can TOUCHROCKBOTTOM
Some turkeys TOMS
Spa feature SAUNA
Started the fire over RELIT
Suffix with "sect" ARIAN
Target the bar code SCAN
They show you where you've been REARVIEWMIRRORS
Thing in a trunk SPARE
Trampled TROD
Underground edibles TUBERS
Verdi opera AIDA
Vietnam's capital HANOI
Wait patiently ABIDE
When doubled, a Pacific island BORA
Word with "help" or "serve" SELF
Writer Fleming IAN