Wall Street Journal - Sep 26 2014 - September 26, 2014 - Change of Direction

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Clues Answers
'Awake and Sing!' playwright ODETS
'Far out!' RAD
'I Am Woman' singer REDDY
'I Don't Have the Heart' singer James INGRAM
'I smell ___!' ARAT
'Money' novelist Martin AMIS
'Music in the Tuileries' painter MANET
'Nothing ___ here' TOSEE
'The Green Hornet' theme soloist ALHIRT
2011 animated film featuring a macaw named Blu RIO
A good day to dye EASTER
Airer of 'The $25,000 Pyramid' reruns GSN
Approx. figure EST
At the same time as, to Brits WHILST
Bali product BRA
Bank business LENDING
Baseball dynasty surname ALOU
Basin accompanier EWER
Big cleanup day in Times Square NEWYEARS
Birds who initiate lawsuits against marsh developers? ACTIONHERONS
Bobby Ewing's first wife PAM
Bonkers LOCO
Broad brogan letters EEE
Buddhist's enlightenment SATORI
Bull producer POPE
Bull session? RODEO
Captured back RETAKEN
Caution WARN
Central point NUB
Character found 'in a thistly corner of the forest' EEYORE
Cheering loudly AROAR
Chef's smidgen DASH
CIA forerunner OSS
Cologne conjunction UND
Courtroom promise IDO
Craigslist posts ADS
Dentist's directive FLOSS
Dernier ___ CRI
Desert Storm helicopter APACHE
Dinosaur in 'Toy Story' REX
Doctrine ISM
Dominant ONTOP
Emit expletives SPEW
Empathize RELATE
Exchanges of side dishes at a sushi restaurant? GINGERSWAPS
Exhausts USESUP
Fashion designer Cerruti NINO
Features of lobster laborers? WORKINGCLAWS
Fight that's evenly matched? CLONECOMBAT
Flawed sentences RUNONS
Flouts the limit SPEEDS
Fodder for some filters EMAIL
General store on 'The Waltons' IKES
Georgia and others, once: Abbr SSRS
Glutton's physique? BODYOFEATER
Grew sick of SOUREDON
Guided explosive SMARTBOMB
Heart quickeners SCARES
Heep of fiction URIAH
Hipster eyewear HORNRIMS
Home of 'The Amazing Race' CBS
Home of Iowa State AMES
Hosp. areas ORS
Ill-bred fellow CAD
Impress immensely AWE
In arrears OWING
Introductory appearances DEBUTS
It brought Hope to GIs USO
Clues Answers
Items on a Playmate's list TURNONS
Its name means 'three strings' SITAR
Jargon ender ESE
K ration successor MRE
Losing streak SKID
Maker of rosettes ICER
Medium alternative RARE
Michael Ovitz's former co CAA
Mortar component CEMENT
Move in a vortical manner SWIRL
Not fancy at all HATE
Not necessarily against OPENTO
Not up to code, say UNSAFE
Nymph chasers SATYRS
Obliquely driven, as nails TOED
One way to put things TOREST
Only president besides Washington to run unopposed MONROE
Oozing with smarm OILY
Ottoman governor BEY
Paddle's cousin OAR
Pair who might sing 'Hoppy Trails'? DUETBUNNIES
Participant in some Arabian races DROMEDARY
Pioneering sort SETTLER
Planted SOWN
Post at sea MAINMAST
Preceding line. perhaps CUE
Presently SOON
Pricing word PER
Protracted LONG
Radius location ARM
Raging rivers TORRENTS
Ready for a drive TEEDUP
Reuben alternative TUNAMELT
Seam contents ORE
Short race SPRINT
Simple confession IDIDIT
Singer Perry KATY
Skilled job TRADE
Slippery substance TEFLON
Slot machine symbols ORANGES
Snaky curve ESS
Some Catholic missionaries PAULISTS
Soothing stuff ALOE
Sound investment? STEREO
Source of hypoallergenic wool ALPACA
Sports WEARS
Start of a quote attributed to Louis XV APRESMOI
Stephen of 'The Crying Game' REA
Subject of scientific mapping GENOME
Teri Garr's 'Young Frankenstein' role INGA
Thimblerig need PEA
Tour aide ROADIE
Travelocity mascot GNOME
Tuxedo parts LAPELS
Unexpected blows GUSTS
Violent sibling, after being tattled on? SNITCHHITTER
Warehouse task STACKING
Watching through binoculars, perhaps SPYINGON
Wax lyrical about EXTOL
What the award for Fishiest Constellation does? GOESTOPISCES
Where Petruchio meets Katherina PADUA
Whisper RUMOR
White Sox baseman Gillaspie CONOR
Whole bunch TON
Yogurt-based drink LASSI
___ culpa MEA
___ poor example SETA