- Sep 24 2014

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Clues Answers
''Buy It Now'' site EBAY
''I did it!'' TADA
''Shoo!'' SCAT
''What was that?'' HUH
Abrasive material EMERY
Be mad about ADORE
Befit SUIT
Big galoot APE
Bribable VENAL
Campus club FRAT
Cellophane rolls TAPES
Cholesterol medication STATIN
Combed line PART
Condo dwelling UNIT
Crowd-scene actor EXTRA
DC's subway METRO
Designer Chanel COCO
Distorted TWISTED
Each, informally APOP
Early nuclear reactor ATOMICPILE
Fast-moving RAPID
Fed lines to CUED
Flat 55 Down TAM
Fled to wed ELOPED
Full of energy PERKY
Fund, as a scholarship ENDOW
Gender-inclusive phrase HEORSHE
Get mellower AGE
Gleaming SHINY
Got together with MET
Guitar accessory AMP
Head covering HAT
Hoosegow POKEY
Italian cheese ROMANO
Kitten sound MEW
Knot-tying phrase IDO
Known as NAMED
Large parrot MACAW
Clues Answers
Left empty VACATED
Lined up, as troops FELLIN
London lav LOO
Mo. city STL
Mongrel CUR
Most important KEY
Not consistent SPOTTY
Nothing but ALL
Nuclear particle MESON
Organic farmer's creation COMPOSTHEAP
Oyster concoction STEW
Pancake order SHORTSTACK
Part of Hispaniola HAITI
Prefix for climactic ANTI
Presented aloud ORAL
Protruding navel OUTIE
Quick snacks BITES
Reddish brown RUST
Senate's locale CAPITOLHILL
Siege site of 1836 ALAMO
Singe CHAR
Sneaks around PROWLS
Sofa snoozes NAPS
Stallone's boxer role ROCKY
Stash away STOW
Streetcar TROLLEY
Sugar amts TSPS
Theater level TIER
Thing in a pod PEA
Tiny colonist ANT
Turn in for the night RETIRE
Up to snuff OKAY
Urge on EXHORT
Walk nervously PACE
Wall covering PAINT
Way below average POOR
World Court site, with ''The'' HAGUE
__ Alamos, NM LOS
__ de plume NOM