L.A. Times Daily - Mar 21 2007

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Clues Answers
"__ la Douce" IRMA
1944 invasion city STLO
Actress Ullmann LIV
Aired again RERAN
Alpine refrain YODEL
Antilles native CARIB
Assumption before "then" IFSO
Bass add-on OON
Be deviously critical SNIPE
Bonn article EINE
Brazilian mountain chain SERRA
Breakfast fare CEREAL
Browsable living room volume COFFEETABLEBOOK
Colorado resort on I-70 VAIL
Dada cofounder ARP
Dawn deity EOS
Deli option RYE
Departs GOES
Der __: Adenauer ALTE
Describe in drawing LIMN
Diamond in "The Jazz Singer" NEIL
Doesn't keep pace LAGS
Emmy winner, often TVSTAR
Faucet flaw DRIP
Ginnie __: securities MAES
Give a stern talking-to CALLONTHECARPET
Great pair ACES
Harris of "Seinfeld" ESTELLE
High style AFRO
It follows John ACTS
It helps you get in DOOR
Jai __ ALAI
Kid around with TEASE
L.A. setting PST
Like champagne on New Year's Eve ONICE
Liszt's "Paganini __" ETUDES
Long-billed birds IBISES
Clues Answers
Low life? AMEBA
Menlo Park wizard, initially TAE
MGM cofounder LOEW
Milne's "old grey donkey" EEYORE
Net holder, on a court RIM
Night of yore EEN
OAS part: Abbr. AMER
Pakistan's second-largest city LAHORE
Polluted Asian sea ARAL
R-rated, often VIOLENT
Reaction to an idol, possibly SWOON
Read intently, with "over" PORED
Ring site TOE
Scots Gaelic ERSE
Sicilian hot spot ETNA
Significant other, perhaps BEAU
Singer Grant AMY
Skater Lipinski TARA
Slipper's word OOPS
Solitary LONE
Songlike LYRIC
Stiff drink DOUBLE
Superstore advantage ONESTOPSHOPPING
Swashbuckler Flynn ERROL
Sweat shops? SPAS
Talk foolishly YAP
To the point TERSE
Toffee bar maker HEATH
Tongue represser GAG
Try to find out ASK
Use a letter opener on UNSEAL
Vital supply line AORTA
Voting group BLOC
Without women STAG
Word that can follow the last word of 17-, 27-, 49- and 65-Across BAG
Words before sorry or bored IMSO
Years and years EONS
__ Bell TACO
__-Ball SKEE