New York Times - Sep 17 2014

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Clues Answers
'Behold,' to Brutus ECCE
'Dallas' matriarch ELLIE
'Freedom ___ free' ISNT
'S O S!,' e.g PLEA
'The Lord of the Rings' creature ENT
'Yummy!' MMM
'___ Beso' ESO
'___ ELO' (1976 album) OLE
About 5:00, on a compass SSE
Absorbed, as a loss ATE
Atlanta university EMORY
Author LeShan EDA
Backspace over DELETE
Bare it all PEEL
Bed of ___ RICE
Biathlete's weapon RIFLE
Bridal bio word NEE
Car in the Beach Boys' 'Fun, Fun, Fun' TBIRD
Cheated, slangily HOSED
Circus clown car, often BEETLE
Clueless LOST
Complaint BEEF
Congratulate oneself for achievement PREEN
Dickens's scheming clerk HEEP
Drink made with Jameson, maybe IRISHCOFFEE
Dumb as a box of rocks DENSE
Eric, in Finland EERO
Friday's creator DEFOE
Gender-bending role for Barbra Streisand YENTL
Genie's reply YESMASTER
Geoffrey of fashion BEENE
Hatcher who was a Bond girl TERI
Hold the scepter REIGN
Home of Fort Donelson National Battlefield TENNESSEE
Horror film street ELM
Hypotheticals IFS
Internet access option DSL
Clues Answers
Job done by the insects seen above the circled words in 17-, 26- and 50-Across POLLINATION
Landlocked land LAOS
Letters at Indy STP
Like 'Dark Shadows' episodes EERIE
Like a well-prepared turkey MOIST
Like early morning hours WEE
Like hot tea STEEPED
Line on a restaurant bill TIP
Literary hybrid PROSEPOEM
Loggers' contest ROLEO
Look over, informally EYEBALL
Medicate again REDOSE
Mennen shaving product AFTA
Mountain ___ ASH
Neanderthal OAF
Okefenokee possum POGO
Old dagger SNEE
One of Hollywood's Farrelly brothers PETER
Original 'Veronica Mars' airer UPN
Place for a lark MEADOW
Plaza Hotel girl ELOISE
Poker ploy RAISE
Reach adulthood COMEOFAGE
Rubber-stamped OKED
Seeks damages SUES
Set things straight, in a way ATONE
Shape of Mork's spacecraft on 'Mork & Mindy' EGG
Snookered HAD
Spartan serfs HELOTS
Subj. for a future bilingual ESL
Supply with goods SELLTO
Totally useless NOHELP
Tough time ORDEAL
Where Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin went to school CAMBRIDGE
Witty sort WAG
Word before cake or music SHEET
Words from the agreeable IMEASY
[That cracks me up] LOL