The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 25884 - September 5, 2014

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Clues Answers
Appalling crime over, so good hotel will offer it ROOMSERVICE
Attractive Scot finally stops working as locum TEMPTING
Burn rubbish written about church TORCH
Cross beam spanning two junctions RATTY
Daughter wrong about bachelor's question DOUBT
Exhausted troops not half exposed SOLDOUT
Gang of four in parliament sometimes backing the majority MOST
Give up every bit, nearly QUIT
Government department put tax on small cars MINISTRY
He goes into false estimate, regardless of a worker's schedule TIMESHEET
Impressionist was determined to put down English MANET
Junkie displaying heartless conduct USER
Lands missed at sea going round bay DISEMBARKS
Male horse included in sinister collection of beasts MENAGERIE
Merit, distinction or different result LUSTRE
Clues Answers
Minister's worship shortened after collect cut by bishop AMBASSADOR
Moore's followers collect flowers put in ground previously BLOOMSBURYGROUP
Nameless outlaw joining European contingent BRIGADE
Out-of-date bread primarily feeding one bird or another GUINEAFOWL
Participant number one rejected bondage SUBJECTION
Person joining bank TIER
Potential slogan for acne treatment was just right HITTHESPOT
Put a stop to what's prayed for before toast? SILENCE
Slow movement from a soldier in trouble ADAGIO
Solicitor with case in action almost immediately from abroad TOUTDESUITE
Sorry, explorer's in middle of Paraguay — call back APOLOGETIC
Support second article, ignoring first STEM
Utter highly offensive order RANK
What the uncaring don't give when a learner comes in stumped ATALOSS