The Times - Cryptic - August Bank Holiday Jumbo - August 25, 2014

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Clues Answers
A group among Jewish tribe rebelled over a second coming REBIRTH
A legacy at first associated with frequent flying? ALOFT
About a round hundred votes to get cast on the quiet SOTTOVOCE
After five all, United marks defence VALLUM
Article missing from book leaves void ANNUL
As one Finnish grandmother turning up to university UNANIMOUS
Attempts to take empty Italian city TRIESTE
Bitterness over one power shifting oil with military invasion GALLIPOLI
Bonbon we found in assortment SWEET
Certainly richly luxurious, consistently endless excess SURPLUS
Charming female painter has to rummage for fare to Australia WITCHETTYGRUB
City currently wealthy but with disorder near the centre NORWICH
Colouring of black rock to either side of ridge crest COCHINEAL
Constant temperature and heat, perhaps EVENT
Continues to be concerned with electricity supply REMAINS
Coy masochist distressed by power of both mind and body PSYCHOSOMATIC
Detective writer dismisses his first manager HANDLER
Disparaging about City bird's moral behaviour RECTITUDE
Drugs figure in study at first STATINS
Eggs on a king and Her Majesty visiting Russian poet AKHMATOVA
English put on woven scarves for cold break CREVASSE
General feeling secret hostage might give up ETHOS
Girl attracts men with energy in abundance GALORE
Hearts with desire to unite HITCH
His ark Noah initially built for God KRISHNA
How one should leave things is highly determined WITHAWILL
John's meeting rent for corner shop, perhaps CONVENIENCESTORE
Letter from Conservative Society concerning worker CONSONANT
Making to rise and depart before nine having swapped keys LEAVENING
Musical player having the support of the whole house FIDDLERONTHEROOF
Nearly catching small family of hobbits BAGGINS
Clues Answers
Observe well the power driving movement WATCHSPRING
Onset of heat and dry in the atmosphere reduced crop? HAIRCUT
Petty adversary traps one after argument's ending TRIVIAL
Piece of land provides home for one steer PILOT
Political hardliner disrupted last sit-in STALINIST
Potentially, chicken killer's cut off its head LAYER
Pound is required in more than one marketplace for local plants FLORA
Protective fabric is most appropriate during a call in emergency ASBESTOS
Put on artist's retrospective — about Magritte's sixth or seventh STAGED
Reported soldier is a long-term impersonator TROUPER
Resistance to movement stripping finer arts bias INERTIA
Rest of ceremony holding a strange power RESPITE
Runner of charity possibly needing support to carry brown coat TRUSTEE
Shotgun ammunition caught game birds with no cover CARTRIDGE
Show illustration relating to populations DEMOGRAPHIC
Simple melody from piano is a long new arrangement PLAINSONG
Smashing at a heaven-sent ace, I'd OK win either way (4,4,4,3,3,2) HAVEONESCAKEANDEATIT
Sound producer's good fortune is keeping in time GLOTTIS
Starters in Indian cuisine involve cooking little except for solidified dripping ICICLE
Stone Age, in which past regularly fits AGATE
Stumble after retreating lad being rudely aggressive YOBBISH
Stupid Henry's nipped by parasite THICK
Succeed in getting small sugary tea before wild revelry and song SWINGLOWSWEETCHARIOT
Table to cover with gold PLATEAU
Terrible ruler mostly adhering to quiet god SHIVA
The cost of moving forward? TRANSFERFEE
Thief ending up in hot water TEALEAF
Unctuous cynic working with pathos SYCOPHANTIC
US city is on a plan that's laid out ANNAPOLIS
Very highly pitched voice I fail to hear rising internally ALTISSIMO
What bank supports for use alongside the pound TOWPATH