- Mar 18 2007

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Clues Answers
''. . . and __ bed'' SOTO
''Casey at the Bat'' poet THAYER
''Get lost!'' SCOOT
''Hair'' producer PAPP
''In that case . . .'' THEN
''In __'' (actually) ESSE
''Newhart'' setting INN
''Tootsie'' director SYDNEYPOLLACK
''Voil!'' THERE
Actor Penn SEAN
Agent of change CATALYST
Airline seat choice AISLE
As well TOO
Asocial type LONER
Assume command TAKEOVER
Beehive State Indians UTES
Birthday tradition CAKE
Bit of encouragement SLAPONTHEBACK
Bjorn Borg, e.g. SWEDE
Blow off steam VENT
Born yesterday NAIVE
Bounce off the walls ECHO
Brake part SHOE
Bratty kid PAIN
Broccoli __ RABE
Canadian law deg. LLB
Cancel, as a choice DESELECT
Carp about details NITPICK
Chancellorsville victor LEE
Chicken George in ''Roots'' VEREEN
Chip in ANTE
Chuck-a-luck need DICE
Chucklehead SAP
Clay-target sport SKEET
Closes down SHUTS
Clue board section ROOM
Clumsy sorts CLODS
Co-conspirator of Brutus CASCA
Coal-rich region SAAR
Column style DORIC
Comics squeal EEK
Common sense SMELL
Completely ruins TOTALS
Court order WRIT
Derisive look SNEER
Drone's home HIVE
Earthenware pot OLLA
Fem.'s opposite MASC
Final authority SAYSO
Fling with force HEAVE
Flooded AWASH
Fly chaser SWATTER
Genesis craft ARK
Graph pattern GRID
Harder to come by RARER
Has a yen for WANTS
Hatchling's sound PEEP
Haunting image SPECTER
Hebrew letters ALEPHS
Hoarse RASPY
In itself PERSE
It may thicken PLOT
Italian bubbly ASTI
Ivory Coast neighbor GHANA
K thru 12 ELHI
Kate's TV pal ALLIE
Like permed hair WAVY
Loses one's cool SNAPS
Louver part SLAT
Low-lying areas VALES
Masked critter, for short COON
Mattress padding KAPOK
Clues Answers
Mayberry kid OPIE
Met, as a bet SAW
MetLife rival AETNA
Mets' home SHEA
Moisten, in the oven BASTE
More wise SAGER
Movie accompaniment SOUNDTRACK
Mrs. Sprat's taboo LEAN
Nasal partitions SEPTA
Natural fabric COTTON
Neck feather HACKLE
Nile slitherers ASPS
Nita of silents NALDI
Not so inane SANER
Of the eye OCULAR
Of two minds TORN
One on a pedestal ICON
One on the run FLEER
Ones clad in blue BABYBOYS
Othello's lieutenant CASSIO
Pan Am rival TWA
Pancake order SHORTSTACK
Part of an Uncle Sam costume HAT
Perry of fashion ELLIS
Pizza perimeter CRUST
Plastic wrapping material SHRINKPACK
Popeye creator SEGAR
Pres., militarily CIC
Prima __ evidence FACIE
Pundit's piece OPED
Pungent-tasting ACRID
Quite the rage CHIC
Riverbank romper OTTER
Saintly symbol HALO
Sax range ALTO
Scheming bunch CABAL
Sharp as a tack ASTUTE
Signs one's name to INKS
Skyscraper builder STEEPLEJACK
Sly glance LEER
Smears on DAUBS
Speaks one's mind OPINES
Starchy veggies YAMS
Stealthy strike SNEAKATTACK
Strand, perhaps ICEIN
Struck from copy DELED
Studio sign ONAIR
Take off the top SKIM
Tall beer glass SCHOONER
Tell-__ (some bios) ALLS
Thick-paper time SUNDAY
Things on a ring KEYS
Things to plant SEEDS
Took a shine to LIKED
Toon Chihuahua REN
Top-notch STELLAR
Track tipster TOUT
Trod the boards ACTED
Tryout TEST
Unconscious quirk TIC
Unmitigated SHEER
Vacation rental CAR
Weeding tools HOES
What dams may create LAKES
Wind sounds WHOOSHES
Witch's bestowal CURSE
Word from the Sanskrit for ''king'' RAJAH
Wyoming city CASPER
__'pea (''Popeye'' kid) SWEE
__-cone SNO
__-Locka, FL OPA