The Times - Concise - Times2 Jumbo 623 - August 2, 2014

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Clues Answers
(Of a price) higher than what is considered acceptable OVERTHEODDS
(Of vehicle) in working order DRIVABLE
American state MISSISSIPPI
Angry, bitter ACRIMONIOUS
Apparent path of the sun's annual motion ECLIPTIC
Ascorbic acid VITAMINC
Badly-shaped MALFORMED
Become liable to (eg, a penalty) INCUR
Bishop's district DIOCESE
Brass instrument TRUMPET
Buildings, roads, railways, etc INFRASTRUCTURE
Chemical compound breakdown EMPIRICALFORMULA
Close relative SISTER
Convert (land) to new purpose DEVELOP
Country of south-eastern Asia VIETNAM
Deliberately-crashed aircraft KAMIKAZE
Designed for smooth flow STREAMLINED
Disreputable dealer SPIV
Drinking establishment PUBLICHOUSE
Easily bent PLIABLE
Failing to listen INATTENTIVE
For rent TOLET
Gap between teeth DIASTEMA
Genuine effectiveness TEETH
Heartening, motivating INSPIRATIONAL
Hut, cabin SHACK
Improve the quality of (something) ENHANCE
Interfere MEDDLE
Involuntary expulsion of air SNEEZE
Issue (from a source) EMANATE
Clues Answers
Knowledgeable specialist EXPERT
Large water lily LOTUS
Lava-spewing mountain VOLCANO
Let (property) LEASE
Man's ornamental clasp TIECLIP
Metal shipping box CONTAINER
Moroccan currency DIRHAM
Most important SALIENT
Not fitting tightly LOOSE
Occupied INUSE
Of little value TRIVIAL
One looking after an invalid CARER
Onslaught in response COUNTERATTACK
Opera by Leoncavallo IPAGLIACCI
Out of place INCONGRUENT
Questioning in court CROSSEXAMINATION
Reduce to pulp MASH
Relating to carrying out the terms of a will EXECUTORIAL
Relating to vision OPTICAL
Road surfacing MACADAM
Road tunnel UNDERPASS
Self-satisfied, smug COMPLACENT
Side by side ABREAST
Version of published text EDITION
Wealth regarded as evil MAMMON
Willing to do things for society PUBLICSPIRITED
Worshipper of images IDOLATER
Yet to be paid OWING