- Mar 17 2007

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Clues Answers
''Happy Days'' actor BAIO
''Mambo Birdland'' Grammy winner TITOPUENTE
''The Pineapple Island'' LANAI
'50s French president COTY
20-vol. reference OED
Angle iron LBAR
Became less strict about EASEDUPON
Besides ELSE
C or T follower CELL
Cheats, at times COPIERS
Chicago Eight defendant SEALE
Cole Porter tune PAREE
Counting from SINCE
Country RURAL
Cycle starter UNI
Dragonfly prey BEE
Evince displeasure HISS
Fabrication STORY
Follower ACOLYTE
Former ''Vogue'' publisher NAST
Frequent dome site BASILICA
Full of difficulties SCABROUS
GPS alternatives RTES
Haberdashery buy DRESSSHIRT
Househusband MRMOM
Hypnology acronym REM
Individually titled units CONDOMINIA
Interrupt CUTIN
Johnson partner OLSEN
Last words AMENS
Like some decorations CHRISTMASSY
Like some viruses MUTATED
Clues Answers
Lindbergh rival BYRD
Listing ATILT
Mass marchers ALTARBOYS
Not give __ ARAP
Not true to life, perhaps CARTOONISH
Old one, in Austria ALTE
Online activity CHAT
Peace Nobelist Myrdal ALVA
Peacock blue PAON
Personally TOHEART
Pull on TUGAT
Purim's month ADAR
Quit, so to speak BAGIT
Red-beet link ASA
Russian assembly DUMA
Singer of ''Footloose'' LORI
Something drawn out EDUCT
Staff adjuncts LEDGERLINES
Symbols for Ts DAHS
Synthetic fabric DYNEL
Take down __ APEG
Tech sch. INST
The Niger flows through it MALI
They manage OVERSEERS
Thinks about DEBATES
Thumbs-up types HITCHERS
Turns a certain corner PASSESGO
Type of current EDDY
Wren et al. ARCHITECTS
Yellow flowers TANSIES
__ Dinh Diem NGO
__ touch MIDAS