The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 1097 - June 21, 2014

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Clues Answers
A large product I ordered? One might run off with it DUPLICATOR
Backing what stops awkward situation? BEHIND
Badly put into words? Without a doubt! ILLSAY
Be supporting old girl OLIVE
Book written by cook in prison BRIG
Conductor of musical work popular within part of UK TOSCANINI
Crown welcoming area that is built up in capital TAIPEI
Dining out with aunt could be overwhelming INUNDATING
Disheartened females knocked back old port SLIGO
Doctor argued about a patient finally making progress GRADUATE
Dwarf in charge of dog OVERSHADOW
Ecstasy involved in risk oddly leads to fashionable affair RELATIONSHIP
Enchanting woman, one hugged by pilot most ill at ease TWITCHIEST
Energetic person welcoming stint as evangelical preacher GOSPELLER
Fish head added to Greek dish oddly overlooked REDSNAPPER
Flare that's jolly faint VERYLIGHT
Flower from ancient river given immortal protection GOLDENROD
Fool importing three-quarters of country's vegetables ASPARAGUS
Highland trip includes western tip of Glenfinnan RIDGE
Important piece of music INSTRUMENTAL
In composition changing to rare variety of plainsong GREGORIANCHANT
In the main upset soldier providing support AEGIS
Jackets with small change (rupees) found on board SPENCERS
Juggernaut's destruction one judge describes? DEICIDE
Jumbo that's impossible preceding sounds of despair, say OUTSIZE
Just a holy man in India - no king FAIR
Key found by coach on bend CARRIAGERETURN
List containing Greece's first philosopher HEGEL
Long-term favourite adopting unusual manner PERMANENT
Man interrupts with repeated expression of surprise WHEW
Clues Answers
Notice second girl stuffing face DISMISSAL
Patrician airs sadly beginning to typify poor actor ARISTOCRAT
Picture of some troops with award REPRESENTATION
Pieces, quietly forgotten, including previous symphonies and sonnets, say ARTFORMS
Planning restrictions initially blocking rival spot on the radio FORESIGHT
Plant in parts of garden green after short time BEDSTRAW
Poles enthralled by fashionable property while travelling INTRANSIT
Random fellow's heading off: characters taking extreme positions in firm HAPHAZARD
Replied to a socialist covering all points ANSWERED
Road user arrived roughly around eleven, on time TAXIDRIVER
Row for a bit SCRAP
Sacks hiding black pest – wingless insects FIREBRATS
Sentimental short message TWEE
Separately describing the Queen's autobiography? ONEBYONE
Sides in existing state rejecting Republican's narcissism EGOMANIA
Solid cloud seen at first over island CONCRETE
Some diverting rebounds found in a slow match? NITRE
Somewhat despicable type, say, Bruegel regularly used TOADEGREE
Spelling course for scoffing kids? ALPHABETSOUP
State subsidy for homeless VAGRANT
Suppleness in final possessed by awfully good football team, say PLASTICITY
Swell girl departed DILATE
Tall order for Indian embassy in London, say HIGHCOMMISSION
Titus Oates no criminal? That's over the top OSTENTATIOUS
Turned up clutching volume – a small one that's really shocking DEVASTATOR
Unknown journalist flipped in troubled nervous meeting RENDEZVOUS
Way rent may be sought STRIVEN
Wealthy and widely-travelled judge with extremely elegant place JETSETTING
What footballer wears with suit in adult entertainment venues STRIPCLUBS
Without opening it, selected a book HOSEA