The Times - Cryptic - Times Saturday 25759 - April 12, 2014

Clues Answers
Abroad I must meet Sam? He may give me a ring JEWELLER
Complain shrilly having to give money up YAP
Edge back, having hard time making journey PILGRIMAGE
Enforce discipline, after being too free with the rum ration? RUNATIGHTSHIP
Engrossing hour in fieldwork THRILLING
Feeding baby, now a graduate profession NURSING
Free book about to compete with journalist's material REVIEWCOPY
Game, it's commonly said, one throws here OCHE
Great competitor, leader in regular breaking of records ARCHRIVAL
I entered posh clinic, playing transistor? Lots here! SILICONCHIP
Idol presents serious enigma to unravel GRAVENIMAGE
In rising, worker protects state restaurant TAVERNA
Last symbol of resistance? OMEGA
Negotiator, say, flexible but apparently not moving GEOSTATIONARY
Clues Answers
Observe African politicians enter for spirited meeting SEANCE
One learning instrument at village centre GREENHORN
One making progress in series of pictures is slower to lose head RAKE
Put off stage while speaking FAZE
Shameful, ripping heart out of French town VILE
Shivered, to suffer period that's usual in February SHROVETIDE
Shoot for damaging truth once SOOTH
Stop and take breather after a run ARREST
Stuff retort inside binder, breaking top off EQUIPMENT
Taking another position, lying REPOSING
Use logic in brewing spirit in the neighbourhood GENIUSLOCI
Very substantial honours available at last OBESE
Woman's ideal man, unloved? HER
Work strenuously by cutting box up perhaps EXERT