The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 25748 - March 31, 2014

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Clues Answers
A nervous grey ASHY
Betting on it, Aristotle lost TOTALISER
Big delay occurs regularly without good reason IDLY
Cheating is attractive, capturing one's partner's heart DISHONESTY
Constant aspersions flew about vacant title PRINCESSOFWALES
Drill master finally engaged with an old enemy BORER
Fairy caught by trap died inside it COBWEB
Film star losing head with serious high living ARBOREAL
For one, one is old-fashioned, with nothing to stop decline SQUAREROOT
Historian's function to include linking priest with cathedral TREVELYAN
Making three points, is curt after rewriting page to add to papers TRICUSPID
Native old woman breaks shell beginning to explode COMANCHE
No way you'd repeat it to get credit NEVER
Not so bright cape, one of a range MATTERHORN
Clues Answers
Not so much wrong done by two guys perhaps cheating insurance VICTIMLESSCRIME
One giving way in admitting name DONOR
Order to follow one where mentioned IBID
Our quintet disbands — it is of no bleeding use TOURNIQUET
Probably trim cat as a rule for Christmas? DECLAW
Regardless of circumstances, be too visible through window? NEEDBLIND
Remove from container, maybe, and store DEPOT
Senior politician runs Liverpool city extremely badly PRIVYCOUNSELLOR
Sort of bend to seize a delinquent youth with full force UNABATED
Strong sentence from heart of text message EXCOMMUNICATION
Swimmer appearing angry, losing time BRISLING
Thunder, perhaps? No good to complain RUMBLE
Tom possibly is one to cut a deal? SAWYER
Use needles in equipment to pin down north KNIT