The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 1080 - March 1, 2014

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Clues Answers
"Segno" arrangement by those people producing signature tune THEMESONG
A pizza topping I must have condiment on to begin? PEPPERONI
Angry talk with German husband, fluent writer WORDSMITH
Attempt to follow rotating neon street sign NOENTRY
Bluff new blue following commercial PROMONTORY
Bring article up about old soldier TROOPER
Bugs circling a sort of bar in Benidorm? TAPAS
Caught cold during a display, money-spinner CASHCOW
Change flag heading off ALTER
CIA in plum forms of local government MUNICIPAL
Citizen has confidence in charitable organisation NATIONALTRUST
Clear, the Queen's jockey RIDER
Cologne, perhaps, featured in newspaper in country across the Channel FRAGRANCE
Cook using good sieve GRIDDLE
Danger that must involve sappers THREAT
Daydreaming in court before large crowd WOOLGATHERING
Devices giving a warning ring bamboozle HORNSWOGGLE
Distinctive period of history in one section of book CHAPTER
Endless disease in horses makes one reel STAGGER
Explained being thumped by former spouse EXPOUNDED
Extremely unconventional exit WAYOUT
Film, Noah's Ark, total trash NORTHTOALASKA
From time to time, see both sides at Old Trafford? ONANDOFF
Harmless piece of mischief in vessel on lake LARK
Help teen over struggle to become mobile TELEPHONE
Home wound up burning INTENSE
Intimidate a Parisian with bottle UNNERVE
Jurors console composer, reportedly close to tears PANELLISTS
Leader of singers in church, old Irish professional CHOIRMASTER
Leading lady in the cinema? USHERETTE
Clues Answers
Left monk to get pack animal LLAMA
Like corn in Oklahoma? View on a level with trumpeter's, perhaps (2,4,2,2,9,3) ASHIGHASANELEPHANTSEYE
Matches prepared with sulphur at the end GAMES
Oarsman in commotion on East River ROWER
Occasionally there's no benefit employing staff before first of August NOWANDAGAIN
Old lady leading powerful dog MASTIFF
Ornamental stone cats, see TIGERSEYE
Part of a horse's back weakens WITHERS
Phone about son, lacking colour, slipping back, sinking RELAPSING
Planning start of expedition while in garrison FORETHOUGHT
Prune others growing wild, indefinite number SHORTEN
Pump social reformer, "the sailors' friend" PLIMSOLL
Recording matter of no importance hospital overlooked NOTING
Secret police on horseback turn around OGPU
Shaken, Agnes describes every profound transformation SEACHANGE
Slight quarrel about head of rare fish SPRAT
Social worker, Ena, having short chat prior to delivery ANTENATAL
Stupid person sacrificing pawn — mate results CHUM
Surveying instrument damaged in garden fire I put out RANGEFINDER
Taking down from damning list prepared DISMANTLING
Talk rapidly to northern English poet CHATTERTON
Terribly mean celebrities — say who they are NAMENAMES
Those opposed to anarchists in bar turn on sign COUNTERREVOLUTIONARIES
Took home edition about English composer EARNED
Unattractive foreign guy, about fifty UGLY
Use concise dictionary to follow Bury court order? INTERDICT
Victor letting slip wife's secret INNER
Way to fill sink? Just the opposite for this continental dish LASAGNE
Wears fur jacket SPORTSCOAT