The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 1079 - February 22, 2014

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Clues Answers
A bishop has vice — the drink ABSINTHE
A feature of one seen to be tall fielder LONGLEG
A fine African country going short before one gets a bit of foreign money AFGHANI
A new spring runs into river as unpolluted water? TRANSPARENT
American city's top woman — one offers something coherent and bright LASER
An accountant's nine to five when mistakes are painfully exposed? DAYOFRECKONING
Artist and designer without heat — the man discarded heater RADIATOR
Authorise the breaking of silence LICENSE
Black mineral in hole not something of interest BORE
Boast in church about new pair who may be expected to succeed CROWNPRINCE
Busy type gets newspaper before beginning to enjoy a drink BEEFTEA
Celebrated in informal language, not Latin at first SANG
Communications made public could give one rotten sleep OPENLETTERS
Composer has last bit of job penned but not the start BRITTEN
Current remuneration — feel bad about reward finally being received PRESENTDAY
Female straightened out once, hiding under the table? FRIGHTENED
Fighter hurried to meet returning soldiers TORERO
Flowery bit of prose — nothing flowery with other writers PETAL
Get very cold outside? One needs shelter round start of evening ICEOVER
Girls' educational establishment breaking up? FINISHINGSCHOOL
Give backing to cancel explosive probe EXAMINE
Good English language — stuff to get your teeth into? GELATIN
Gradually come to understand what may be abstract DIGEST
Hanger-on gets something to eat SPONGE
He insults so freely — unacceptable behaviour LOUTISHNESS
Instrument jammed in turbocar, inactive OCARINA
Island in the grip of fat landowner LAIRD
It may be a school for particular swimmers COLLECTIVENOUN
Keeps talking to disconcert member of family RATTLESON
Lustful little man and I get into row LIBERTINE
Clues Answers
Map with extra-terrestrial body in orbit PLANET
Meeting a need, as hungry pelican may be doing? FILLINGTHEBILL
Modest saint, a helper to one needing cash? SLENDER
Move screen text around, viewing ancient book SCROLL
Move slowly, being at communion? INCH
Old Turkish gentlemen stiffened, upset with time being wasted EFFENDIS
One creature to run away past a smaller one ANTELOPE
One may have lasting attractions PERMANENTMAGNET
Open or shut, depending on particular circumstances? (2,3,4,3,2) ASTHECASEMAYBE
Operatic character vain, doing no work DONGIOVANNI
Physicist making audible contribution to a raft of policies PLANCK
Region way up — here poison may be dissipated IONOSPHERE
Result of land erosion writer has got down, keeping record PENEPLAIN
Servant offers glamour and help protecting honoured member CHAMBERMAID
Slippery type heartlessly ensnaring the woman ETHEL
Solid food that would make Spooner's horse yelp SQUAREMEAL
Something frigid in old woman who shows visitors round? CICERONE
Spanish magistrate offers new deal after gangster gets caught ALCALDE
Spy dispatched across island to grab silver SECRETAGENT
Squabble separating daughter and son proceeds without purpose DRIFTS
Start of engagement near, old officer corrals soldiers for registration ENROLMENT
Students lacking pounds — it's cash they deserve to have? EARNERS
Substitutes put up with breach of moral code STANDSIN
Superficial drip, type to get taken in SKINDEEP
Syrupy stuff from girls? Little time to give to such! MOLASSES
The endless fighting that ultimately makes one cross THWART
Traditional shareholder's meal? PLOUGHMANSLUNCH
Treacherous move at meeting with motive concealed TREASONABLE
Two options for the gin drinker? Please yourself! (4,2,2,5,2) TAKEITORLEAVEIT
Youngster with energy and solid body CUBE