The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 25666 - December 24, 2013

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Clues Answers
A fabric seen around southern part of France ALSACE
A shiner of extremely dirty watch BLACKEYE
Band plays for some time where their nearest audience are ORCHESTRASTALLS
Beats learner to gain trophy LASHES
Bird shoot follows on Thursday THRUSH
Blooming engineers are fantastic OUTRE
Detachment of soldiers breaking into song travelling back to front DETAIL
Fish caught regularly in Trent area TETRA
Insect I spot, needing a litre of something to deal with venom ANTIDOTAL
Insect originally common in Canada, but having abandoned North America CICADA
Land surrounding a Pacific seaport SEATTLE
Matchbox splitting? This could affect one's suit later TESTCASE
Not entirely unpleasant hole viewed from above GROTTO
Old Greek child-killer books to go to America HERODOTUS
One barely seen is truant, unfortunately NATURIST
Clues Answers
Opera composer's not right about language VEDIC
Original suit civilian did need to alter INDIVIDUALISTIC
Player starting on broken old instrument sounds terrible OBOIST
Severely criticise black wear BLAST
Show is on here REPRESENT
Some more just wanting to drop litter TOPUP
Speculative newspaper needs round for an area NOTIONAL
Subject of work penned by Mark but remaining unfinished TOPIC
Such fashion is very neat and is to appear here in British-run line BRISTOL
The Great Man is cross and wearing an unpleasant look ALEXANDER
Touching language is unfavourably viewed in Scottish bank BRAILLE
Tunnel dig involved passing over faults INDULGENT
Waste no time in telling us of one bird trapped in pipe SPITITOUT
What working nurses are dealing with tax? ONDUTY
Who's permitted to enter running heat? ATHLETE