The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 1064 - November 23, 2013

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Clues Answers
Adverse reaction to bad weather by one from middle eastern state BAHRAINI
Anticipated to be not a stern implementer of cuts? FORESAW
Being in a lot, or rambling, I'd like a donut! TOROIDAL
Chinese port suspends tea boxes CHANGSHA
Closely follow so-called scandal of knife-wielding wife in nursery? TAILGATE
Cod tailed and pierced with large stick FLAK
College would be as well embracing Liberal left in America ALLSOULS
Corner florist may supply one BUTTONHOLE
Courageous, taking year off to cover King's prolonged absence DROUGHT
Detectives have a warrant, presumably, triggering alarm DISMAY
Did show — heavy metal — for radio LED
East European picked up and turned over certain underworld guard CERBERUS
Emphatic request to keep mum's money DOSH
Envoy not appointed to run Treasury initially without qualification CAREERDIPLOMAT
Error I don't like that's repeated BOOBOO
Explorer — also German — succeeded and let it be put about AMUNDSEN
Family virtually bound through the backdoor CLANDESTINE
Grand, fancy logo that's briefly used in place of cross GOLGOTHA
Great bout with lots of blood — getting head down ORGY
Guesses housing area is where squatters descend HAUNCHES
Idea wasn't, oddly, to conserve energy and be cautious WAITANDSEE
Increasingly base girl on extreme characters in Bronte novel IGNOBLER
International agency alone right to hold Nazi war criminal WORLDHEALTHORGANIZATION
Is apt to change then check satellite dish's component occasionally PISTACHIO
Like role (or roll?) with more put into it? HAMMIER
Long, singular vehicle a child can ride fast HUNGERSTRIKE
Man gobbling up a small restaurant's biscuit JAFFACAKE
Maybe setter's part solution to his problem arriving the morning after? (1,4,2,3,3,4,3,3) AHAIROFTHEDOGTHATBITHIM
Mixes drink for charity event? JUMBLESALE
Mussolini, within reason, cut messenger's staff CADUCEUS
Clues Answers
My watering-hole popular always! WELLINEVER
Neighbour who's old, home after pilgrimage in East End ADJOIN
No good getting in way of ancient empire's thuggish ruler STRONGMAN
Old woman for us to hear perhaps and see in Ireland ARMAGH
On time to pick up tyre that's been mended RETREAD
One person who's run successfully in the style of graceful runner IMPALA
One who defends drink has got to yield BACKDOWN
Passing comment EPITAPH
Piece cut from tatty gown has stuff on SAWNOFFSHOTGUN
Piece of tack dissenting voices forbade to be broadcast NOSEBAND
Plant ruins processed ham with equipment out of date MARSHMARIGOLD
Queen in Texas waving bye bye maybe EXTRAS
Quietly protected with primed baby torpedo? BOOBYTRAPPED
Request for job from university scholar I don't know! DONTASKME
Roll over in abasement, silently LIST
Rump of coalition's Argentine element paced about, awfully worried ANGSTRIDDEN
Saving the day with the ultimate in pants? LASTGASP
Section of train ticket that indicates the end of the line CARRIAGERETURN
Series of columns covered all but last of special series? STOA
Several days' effort yielding gripping article by wife MANWEEK
Some recalled regal living in rural community VILLAGE
Sort of orange that's got confused with amber BERGAMOT
Stuff turned up: not a sausage, a new sort of sweet MARZIPAN
Swallows as a joke's read out INGESTS
Teacher's time reduced: only half the pressure? HOUSEMISTRESS
There's trouble on the far right you wish to quash UHOH
Type of electricity and gas to burn ACHE
Unpredictably, swing a punch, then a couple of taps BLOWHOTANDCOLD
We'll have a word with Maria if she turns up EVA
Wise to empty pub INON