The Times - Specialist - Times Literary Supplement 1008 - January 17, 2014

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Clues Answers
"Deuce take me, I have — a pimple here too" (Congreve, The Double Dealer) ENCOURAGED
"That they are fickle-minded and treacherous is as true as the —" (Edgar Allen Poe, A Tale of Jerusalem) PENTATEUCH
"We had roast young suckling pig and drank —" (Hemingway, The Sun also Rises) RIOJA
Alternate singing apparently opposed to fake ANTIPHONY
Bell from London district to continue to play ACTON
Blake's unseen flier WORM
Brandy the Spanish quietly stir for French writer MARCELPROUST
Caustic-sounding author of beastly tales SAKI
Concerning first woman novelist REEVE
Festival following Juliet's birthday LAMMASTIDE
Fitzgerald's battered inn CARAVANSERAI
Got back a robe from Julius Caesar TOGA
Hardy manager –first judge of practical people JOPP
His rage was for life, his appointment with Death OHARA
Clues Answers
Jargon adds nothing in verse CANT
Lamb's try is possibly luxuriousness SYBARITISM
Licence in publishing IMPRIMATUR
Lost vital fluid in the Julian Alps BLED
Making out with good taste DISCERNING
Mann cited disaster for him, poor beggar MENDICANT
Mayflower launched by him in 1895 BLASCOIBANEZ
Novelist's French friends AMIS
One of Woolf's, certainly not of one's own JACOBSROOM
Professor puts publicity back on air to get a part in Love's Labour's Lost DONADRIANO
Survivor among short story tellers SCHEHERAZADE
Team of players in outbreak of minor chest rash ORCHESTRA
Unexpected rage Dante exhibited in restaurant TEAGARDEN
Went on horseback to find right poem RODE