Universal - Mar 7 2007

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Clues Answers
''... your goodness ___ a morning cloud'' (Hosea) ISAS
''An Inconvenient Truth'' star GORE
''Dallas'' character PAM
''The Downeaster ___'' (Billy Joel song) ALEXA
''Uh-uh'' NOPE
''Your turn,'' in radiospeak OVER
''___ we forget'' LEST
Aid in crime ABET
Any of various willows OSIER
Ballistics, dynamic or lite starter AERO
Begin, as winter SETIN
Blind piece SLAT
Captain Hook's assistant SMEE
Ceremonial act RITE
Certain water containers POOLS
Change the decor of REDO
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Commonplace USUAL
Complete failure FLOP
Concerns for sailors and pilots HEADWINDS
Cropped up AROSE
DeMille specialty EPIC
Detroit River's destination ERIE
Dixit lead-in IPSE
Draw out EDUCE
Father figures DADS
First name in strikeouts NOLAN
Forsaken LORN
Good opponent EVIL
Good-for-nothing IDLER
Hang in the balance PEND
Hospital sign EMERGENCY
Hot time in Paris ETE
Imitate MIMIC
It's usually screwed up BULB
Juicer refuse PULP
Kind of ceremony TRIBAL
Clues Answers
Kind of dog SLY
Large ocean vessel LINER
Lined up (with ''in'') AROW
Make a mistake SLIPUP
Margin of victory at the track, perhaps ANOSE
Most senior ELDEST
New Haven collegian ELI
One with no capacity for veracity LIAR
Oppositionist ANTI
Parish official REEVE
Peak of perfection ACME
Piece of rodeo gear ROPE
Poet of Rome's Golden Age OVID
Praline ingredient, often PECAN
Published mistakes ERRATA
Ran in fear FLED
Refuse to admit DENY
River to the Rio Grande PECOS
Role for Julia ERIN
Sackcloth material, perhaps HEMP
Skip a syllable, e.g. ELIDE
Spread outward FLARE
Surmounting ATOP
Thor's dad ODIN
Three cold fronts? COMMONICEANDOUT
Three eye openers? PRIVATEOXANDRED
Three kick starts? FREESIDEANDDROP
Three-part cookies OREOS
Tract of wet ground MIRE
Trees in an O'Neill title ELMS
Trivial PETTY
Type of wrestler SUMO
Unceasingly EVER
Walk heavily PLOD
Way the wind blows TREND
Weapons, long ago SPEARS
Western OATER
Wyoming mountain range TETON