New York Times - Mar 7 2007

Clues Answers
'Handy' one ANDY
1813 battle site ERIE
Anne of fashion KLEIN
At any point EVER
Be nuts about ADORE
Beer buy SIXPACK
Beyond the pale? ASHEN
Biblical preposition UNTO
Buffet dispensers URNS
Captivate ENAMOR
Carbon copy of a Cleveland ballpark? ESAUSFIELD
Concerned with INTO
Contents list TABLE
Country RUSTIC
Crackpot LOON
Devilfish MANTA
Dick's mate, twice LIZ
Drawn TIED
Easter preceder NOR
Exact replica of six Northeastern states? NEWCHANGLAND
Finish MOPUP
Frizzy do AFRO
Give-go go-between ITA
Goalie's stat SAVES
Grills or pumps ASKS
Group an atty. gen. might address ABA
Have down cold KNOW
Helen who sang 'Angie Baby' REDDY
Historic Virginian LEE
In accordance with PER
Learned SAGE
Less assertive MEEKER
Liturgy RITE
Look-alike of a source of oil? POLLUXBEAN
Loses it SNAPS
Lyricist David HAL
Mark in the margin STET
Maybe more, maybe less ORSO
Clues Answers
Met highlight ARIA
Microwave ZAP
Old Greek theaters ODEA
One of 11 kings of Egypt RAMESES
One of the Horae IRENE
One serving a long term SENATOR
Overdo the T.L.C. DOTE
Papermaking material PULP
Part of M.I.T.: Abbr. INST
Part of the mouth of a cottonmouth FANG
Patronage purveyor, for short POL
Place to play? PEORIA
Porgy's woman BESS
Positive aspect UPSIDE
Prayer period? AMEN
School assignment REPORT
Second ltr. addendum PPS
Self-defense school DOJO
Self-interest doctrine EGOISM
Send over the edge DERANGE
Shoots down DEBUNKS
Skein formation VEE
Sniggled EELED
Something in the air ODOR
Speakeasy risk RAID
Spitting image of a children's storybook character? UNCLEROMULUS
Stanza maker NISSAN
String quartet member CELLO
Supersonic unit MACH
Tandoor, e.g. OVEN
Together ASONE
Wall St. figures ARBS
Where Hercules slew the lion NEMEA
Wine-and-cassis drink KIR
Witty remark JEST
WWW address URL
___ arms UPIN
___ ball (spongy plaything) NERF