The Times - Cryptic - Club Monthly 20156 - September 1, 2013

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Clues Answers
Ancient pauper close to pitiful wild dog heading off, tail extended LACKALL
Assisted student going around Alcatraz Island's confines SIZAR
Boring when Henry the Second's King? Nonsense! HOKUM
Condition of hip dim sentry shattered TRENDYISM
Cover for head of airline taken up with what KLM's after HIJAB
Disclaimer to justify retaining large West Coast college in which no one's reading up EXCLUSIONCLAUSE
Disguised function of bodice length old woman's tucked inside BALMASQUE
Drive by river to see a duck? ZIPPO
Flat bread soldier dropped which is unfinished PARATHA
Garment made of cotton and foot of silk, or cut from fur KANGA
Graduate with drink upset spiritual fathers BAPUS
Grit displayed by firm Welshman? COJONES
I'm obliged to follow long transatlantic gossip YENTA
Indian's nick leads to two hopeful appeals -- not answered THANA
Make dim old English nurses rear ill-mannered child OBUMBRATE
Clues Answers
Memorial being composed (but quietly dropped) about hooker ALTARTOMB
Newspaper in fifties United States humorously recalled years with vigour ZESTFULLY
Note breezes initially in the main winter month no fresher once at St Andrews? SEMIBAJAN
Old people's home overlooking dump INCAN
Poet lacking nothing returning a year's rent for flat VAPID
Poet's perky lass needing abnormal grit, left in charge FLIRTGILL
Poorly rated, old-fashioned male detective spinning about flying squad briefly MISWEENED
Reformed dukedom banning party without delay EKDUM
Showmen having admission from Indian lady yet to dress? IMPRESARI
Soporific stuff with mass following all our jazzmen play on a regular basis LORAZEPAM
Special French date liqueur Oz judge mixed with latte QUATORZEJUILLET
Tenure not favouring first-born, provided lord possesses family GAVELKIND
Treasured old invention by centre for biodiversity LIEVE
Unknown faction backed arrest of Swiss reformer ZWINGLIAN
What some get for tumbling in late mostly, after college UNITARD