The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 25530 - July 18, 2013

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Clues Answers
Area to west of Italian isle AIT
Chants to dispel tension INTONES
Con artist heartlessly pockets proceeds AGAINST
Entrust man with ball, playing in competitive events TOURNAMENTS
Extra showing of parts two and three of Great Escape RERUN
Family members missing start of film KIN
Flower girl pockets London map showing no haste LAZILY
Good teacher reflected about holiday, over extremely quickly PRESTISSIMO
Group of players not awarded English cap TAM
Head over heels, finally fall in love NIL
Hold-up hasn't succeeded, of course NATCH
I calculate you'll need about a hundred kroner mostly in change RECKONER
I work out tax return initially without hesitation EXERCISER
I'll buy short neat whisky after beer PURCHASER
Imposing arch housing art collection STATELY
Learner in top set, it turned out, is a high flier TESTPILOT
Clues Answers
Legitimate reason to keep mum MATER
Lewd introduction in old film: it's X-rated EXPLICIT
Metal fastening fellow used to secure Irish setter HAIRSPRAY
More cheerful, given benefit? That's right PERKIER
Opera conductor avoids part of UK repeatedly TOSCA
Pay and display LAYOUT
Percussion instrument popular with one opera composer BELLINI
Perhaps Hemingway's fanciful description of Balmoral? ERNEST
Person with staying power ultimately loses heart STICKER
Royal palace: being put up, it soon will accommodate queen TRIANON
Sneer, seeing single mistake made by scoundrel CURLONESLIP
Spruce up Tyneside transport, needing a lift SMARTEN
Star in key broadcast ALTAIR
What newspaper editor will do to attract attention MAKEASPLASH
Wood cut, piled up round middle of patio, could become this? FIRETRAP
Workers going on bender to north German town TUBINGEN