New York Times - Mar 2 2007

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Clues Answers
'Hollywood Homicide' actress, 2003 OLIN
'We know drama' sloganeer TNT
'What ___!' ACARD
'Willow Song' opera OTELLO
1978-80 F.B.I. sting that forced a U.S. senator to resign ABSCAM
Adaptable aircraft STOL
Alcohol-laced cookie BRANDYSNAP
Animal with a white rump ELK
Archaeological handle ANSA
Band components SNAREDRUMS
Big bills CNOTES
Blue prints? SMUT
Boss for agents Youngfellow and Rossi NESS
Box to check on a form SEX
Bug's midsection SHORTU
Bygone flier SST
Certain asst. SECY
Common and cheap ADIMEADOZEN
Cost ARE
Dangers for paragliders TREETOPS
Dessert garnish CINNAMONSTICK
Destroys ERASES
Dungeons & Dragons beast ORC
End-of-season event CLEARANCESALE
Equally quick ASFAST
First name in architecture EERO
France's F.B.I., formerly SURETE
French pronoun SES
Green shade AVOCADO
Handy thing to know?: Abbr. ASL
Here, over there ICI
Clues Answers
It divides people AISLE
It's to the left of a dot ONESPLACE
Like some church matters LAICAL
List heading TODO
Medical suffix OMA
Misers' feelings AVARICES
Must, say ODOR
Object of a scout's search PASS
Object of ailurophobia CAT
Ocean threats ORCAS
One not pure of heart HATER
Ornamentation DECOR
Other side ENEMY
Out of this world EERIE
Peer Gynt's mother ASE
Penny : pound :: ___ : krone ORE
Plant supervisor? BOTANIST
Play bit LINE
Polo of 'Meet the Fockers' TERI
Protestant denom. BAP
Rocker with the 1981 triple-platinum album 'Diary of a Madman' OSBOURNE
Sandwich filler TUNASALAD
Signs back in READMITS
Snap out of it COMETO
Some '60 Minutes' pieces EXPOSES
Some assistants STENOS
The Oscars, e.g. GALA
TV show that earned Jane Wyman a Golden Globe FALCONCREST
Tyrolean refrain YODEL
What two zeroes after a dot may mean NOCENTS
Words of contentment AHBLISS