The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 1034 - May 4, 2013

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Clues Answers
A doctor's article about Old English protozoan AMOEBA
A European endlessly talented and sympathetic AGREEABLE
A silk dealer mostly satisfied son, covering new fines AMERCEMENTS
A time to go into hunter's speeches ORATIONS
Abandoned in Chard, late site of bishop's chair CATHEDRAL
Animal on lake caught bird: it's a habit COWL
Antelope found in area between two American cities NYALA
At end of all-night party, left to go TRAVEL
Be excessively loquacious, figuratively speaking? (4,8,2,3,5) TALKNINETEENTOTHEDOZEN
Boss serving time in south of France STUD
Bottle neck NERVE
Boy about to wrap last of clean bedclothes LINEN
Brush off girl's affection DISREGARD
Choose place for Old Bill, say, to eat out PICNIC
Concentrated, though deficient in understanding THICK
County hero involved with risky manoeuvring YORKSHIRE
Does one seek earnestly to do legal work? SOLICITOR
European notes short reply about a king's literary work FINNEGANSWAKE
European nudist drinking gallons: one to push the boat out BARGEPOLE
Fading church body rejected substance in speech EVANESCENCE
First of managers retiring from former car plant ORRIS
Flier heralding start of gala, perhaps HANGGLIDER
Formerly in private employment, one's achieved promotion (3-12, 7) NONCOMMISSIONEDOFFICER
Great composer captured in stone GARNET
Group unknown outside university starts to mimic French accent CIRCUMFLEX
Healthy food Tiny Tim initially held in contempt SWEETCORN
How a seated person might fall, being mad? OFFONESROCKER
Judge loses heart, seeing informer APPRISER
Keep an eye on the hands, lest they do this? WATCHTHECLOCK
Leather strap with points used by army TAWSE
Clues Answers
Light-fingered Londoner in Darjeeling? TEALEAF
Like some seals, bold, but not at first EARLESS
Loving token of engagement presented after a party ADORING
Make irregular entrances to grand hotel in French city ROUGHEN
Motorists entertained by the same stars DRACO
Old man heard late news broadcast NEANDERTHAL
Old woman in reasonable health? OKAY
Philosopher some talked of, note, for protracted periods MILLENNIA
Poem on closure of Willesden Junction NODE
Prayer English divine originally composed COLLECTED
President managed church, crushing onset of religious deviation ABERRANCE
Rail worker of great importance to crew SIGNALMAN
Randy lieutenant gripping us foully on a regular basis LUSTFUL
Relative giving £1,000 to one taking the pledge? GRANDUNCLE
Rigorous role in sickbay SPARTAN
Rising tribe absorbed by an animal's track ASCENDANT
Run over tramp missing start of road over the top EXTRAVAGANT
Rust-proofing worker — one West, reportedly ANTIOXIDANT
Schemer who has rhyme, as well as reason? WHEELERDEALER
Scientific subject one may study in one's digs ARCHAEOLOGY
Sea creature of some power or quality RORQUAL
Short of a note, mean to visit post office sharpish POINTED
Shortcoming of sincerest flattery on line? LIMITATION
Supporter eating in with artist's apprentice TRAINEE
Tea with milk, say? Not from this beast CHAROLAIS
Trading vessel on which some mug may be made to stand? COASTER
TV detective crosses a street, taking a drug anyway LEASTWISE
What some snakes did, being disconcerted? RATTLED
Where kids learn of old railwaymen, points and lines? NURSERY
Works hard making snare TOILS