L.A. Times Daily - Feb 25 2007

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Clues Answers
"A Passage to India" heroine ADELA
"Collages" novelist NIN
"Seinfeld" role ELAINE
"The power to make it better" org. AARP
"View of Toledo" painter ELGRECO
"__ Right": Platters hit ITISNT
'30s-'40s Dr. Kildare portrayer LEWAYRES
1944 battle site CAEN
1978 Manilow hit EVENNOW
1999 Matthew McConaughey film EDTV
A target in Marcia Clark's "Without a Doubt" ITO
Actor Knight TED
Affect strongly STIR
Allow to pass LETIN
Anguish PAIN
Annual gathering of boors? LOUTCONVENTION
Apt. parts, in ads BRS
Bat an eyelash, say FLIRT
Bee work SEWING
Being walked, say ONALEASH
Biblical letter EPISTLE
Big bully BRUTE
Bit of canine affection? LICKOFTHEWRIST
Blood test meas. HDL
Bubbly name MOET
Carp cousin DACE
Chuck alternative CHAS
Clara's title friend in a classic novel HEIDI
Company known for its Counting Sheep ads SERTA
Complain CRAB
Composer Satie ERIK
Concorde, par exemple AVION
Copter predecessors GIROS
Cost of a flight? AIRMARKETPRICE
Count (on) RELY
Creditor's demand DUN
Cried from a flock BAAED
D'Back, for one NLER
Denounced BLASTED
Dialect ending ESE
Do well at one's recital? ACETHEMUSIC
Docket listings TRIALS
Dressed like a bum INRAGS
Dugout figure BATBOY
Ejects, as lava SPEWS
Emmy winner Christine LAHTI
Ex post __ FACTO
Faint, with "over" KEEL
Former Colorado governor ROMER
Former Japanese prime minister SATO
Former teen tennis star Jaeger ANDREA
Good way to get off SCOTFREE
Grammy winner Jones NORAH
Guzzle SWIG
Happen to BEFALL
Has-been pitcher? LAMETHROWER
Healing __ ARTS
High carriers ELS
High times? NOONS
Including all TOAMAN
Iraq is in it NEAREAST
It's prohibited on a pike UEY
Kampala native UGANDAN
Key of Mendelssohn's Octet, Op. 20 EFLAT
Kind of lily ARUM
Clues Answers
Kitchen gadget BLENDER
Knight sticks LANCES
Lean meat? LANKSTEAK
Left no room for argument SAIDSO
Lender's letters APR
Letters formerly after Al D'Amato's name RNY
Literally, "for this" ADHOC
Lobster part CLAW
Marietta, Georgia, is its county seat COBB
Math aid CALC
Maxwell Smart nemesis KAOS
Mean-spirited STINKY
Milwaukee-to-Gary dir. SSE
Mythical Hun king ATLI
Mythological nickname NESSIE
Naval builder SEABEE
Novelist Seton ANYA
Obliquely ASKANCE
Old pro, perhaps MENTOR
Ophthalmic irritation STYE
Orbit bits ARCS
Ordered BADE
Orzo or ziti PASTA
Part to play ROLE
PC panic button ESC
Peeper protectors EYELIDS
Pen or hen HER
Pitch-related TONAL
Prepare again, as water for tea REBOIL
Psych ending OTIC
Quotation notation SIC
Race starter? EVE
Rascal KNAVE
Rock's Brian ENO
Romance lang. ITAL
Romeo's move ADVANCE
Round-skipping advantages BYES
Rubik with a cube ERNO
Rules enforcer REF
Rural weapons supplier? ARMERINTHEDELL
Rx watchdog FDA
Scribble made while sitting? LAPDOODLE
Self starter? ESS
Shock STUN
Short coming? ARR
Shot in the dark STAB
Shots may prevent them FLUS
Sniggler's pursuit EELS
Spoke formally ORATED
Springsteen's __ Band ESTREET
Star giver RATER
Strait of Dover city CALAIS
Stretch out EXTEND
Sweetly, in some suites DOLCE
There are usually five in a sonnet line IAMBI
U.S. biomedical research agcy. NIH
Unceasingly NOEND
Western megalopolis, familiarly SOCAL
Where Moscow is IDAHO
Willingly LIEF
Wristwatch pioneer CARTIER
Yokohama yes HAI
__ Ark NOAHS
__ cava VENA
__ d'honneur: duel AFFAIRE
__ soda SAL