The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 25384 - January 29, 2013

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Clues Answers
Ancient column is least damaged STELA
Buzzer with quiet warning sound BEEP
Child shot off — it could be helping with the washing-up DISHCLOTH
Colourful spot of singular power on fish SPANGLE
Cosmetic is fake — I don't think much of that SHAMPOO
Dominate with at least twelve balls held round wicket OVERSHADOW
Drug I swallowed after work OPIATE
Easy to care for weak person, avoiding alcohol DRIPDRY
For each part of the Bible is wilfully obscure PERVERSE
Fortitude of some of us when behind bars COURAGE
General beaten by natives bringing in large group CLUSTER
Hamlet regularly lives in a spirit showing selflessness ALTRUISM
Hard having to cut two notes in melody THEME
Having a practical intelligence, keeping a record and able to show correspondence ANALOGOUS
He's sinful but awfully generous UNSELFISH
Literary scholar seeking excitement around university FAUST
Clues Answers
Not at work on film development OFFSHOOT
One on recce ranging far and in depth PATHFINDER
Overcrowded in tents pitched around river CRAMPED
Potential problem for archery team's victory given Denmark's lead SIDEWIND
Pressure on ill-mannered and priggish person PRUDE
Ram leaving the western sky ETHER
Rest and lie about, being unproductive STERILE
River associated with manufacturing for half its length INDUS
Set up graduate with part in complicated procedure RIGMAROLE
Show anger over leaving West Country university with low grade? BRISTLE
Standing confident about shoddy goods STATURE
Tempest cast around black American actor GABLE
Time to request commission TASK
Walk stiffly with brace STRUT
Where sports spectator goes to purchase reported last-minute ticket STANDBY
Who, dejected, seizing Ring, fell at last? GOLLUM