New York Times - Apr 20 1997

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Clues Answers
'Are you ___ out?' INOR
'B.C.' cartoonist HART
'How Can We Be Lovers' singer BOLTON
'The Day the Earth Stood Still' star Michael RENNIE.
'Yer darn ___!' TOOTIN
'Yo te ___' AMO
'___ a Woman' (Beatles tune) SHES
'___ Fables' AESOPS
Acclivity SLOPE
Appears SEEMS
Applications USES
Apr. addressee IRS
As soon as ONCE
Average fellow? DOW
Ballet dancer's cookout? YSHNIKOVSBECUE
Beat against LASHEDAT
Behind the line of scrimmage ONSIDE
Beige hue ECRU
Benzocaine, for one ESTER
Biblical no-no SIN
Big name in games SEGA
Bottle contents, perhaps MODELSHIP
Braid, to Brigitte TRESSE
Bumbling INEPT
Camera type, for short SLR
Canal site EAR
Certain apartment LOFT
Certain skirts MIDIS
Cheevy of Edwin Arlington Robinson verse MINIVER
Cleo's undoing ASP
Codeine, for one OPIATE
Congenial song ending SYNE
Day to remember DORIS
Desktop pub. items PCS
Drifting ASEA
Dynamic introduction AERO
Effect in the recording studio ECHO
Envelope abbr. ATTN
Exclamation of surprise OHO
Fandango accompaniment GUITAR
Favorite game of President Clinton HEARTS
Feather's partner TAR
Finds an easy chair PLOPS
Fish hawk OSPREY
Fly out of a jungle TSETSE
French sculptor's weather-front detectors? THOLDISOMETERS
Glycerol-based solvent ACETIN
Have markers out OWE
Hercule's creator AGATHA
High water alternative HELL
Hit man ICER
Hokkaido native AINU
How the Amazon flows EAST
Hungarian composer's boat songs? TOKSCAROLES
Implied TACIT
Interest level RATE
It's a fault's fault TREMOR
Its pitch is high OBOE
Junket TRIP
Kind of shopping ONESTOP
Language maven Partridge ERIC
Lao-___ TSE
Lawmaking locale CAPITOL
Like a bairn WEE
Like the gang, in song ALLHERE
Litter's littlest RUNT
Clues Answers
Maiden loved by Hercules IOLE
Manner MIEN
Match maker? SET
Most like sphagnum PEATIEST.
Mother of Zephyrus EOS
Neighbor of Minn. ONT
Nickname for a big dog SHEP
Not dorsal VENTRAL
Noted acting family's nobleman? RYMORESON
Nugatory TRIVIAL
Ogle EYE
Old rural sights STILES
Orange ___ PEKOE
Oxford's skyline SPIRES
Pair with a plow TEAM
Palpebral swelling STYE
Pens and needles STYLI
Phonetic contractions SYNCOPES
Played fast and loose with the facts LIED
Polaris, in Paris ETOILE
Position STANCE
Power bikes MOPEDS
Prepare to drag REV
Pronouncements DICTA
Provokes STIRS
Pueblo pot OLLA
Queen's county SHIRE
Quiescent ATREST
Quotation compiler's singer? TLETTSITONE
Rather, informally SORTA
Rations METES
Rubber stamp YESMAN
Scottish playwright's haircutters? RIESBERS
Senile ones DOTARDS
Showman's good buys? NUMSGAINS
Silent screen star's drink makers? ASTENDERS
Silver category SECOND
Simpson attorney? TSRISTER
Single out for praise CITE
Sir Charles's pet fish? KLEYSRACUDA
Special-interest grps. ORGS
Spiked staffs MACES
Stadium sound RAH
Tabby's mate TOM
Tackle TRY
Tangoing number TWO
Terrigenous rocks SHALES
Thalberg's studio MGM
The 'A' of A&M Records ALPERT
The 'K' of RKO KEITH
This guy's a doll KEN
Timeline division ERA
To be, to Brutus ESSE
Tofu base SOY
Transmitter SENDER
Unruly hair SHOCKS
Useful article THE
V-neck garment VEST
Warmongers rattle them SABERS
Wash. Sq. campus NYU
Where basketball and volleyball were first played YMCA
Wood stack CORD
X years before Hastings MLVI