The Times - Cryptic - This puzzle, used in the Preliminary B round of the 2012 Times National Crossword Championship, was solved correctly within the time limit by 55% of the competitors. - November 14, 2012

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Clues Answers
Bear and rodents endlessly symbolic TOTEMIC
Bird getting agitated there was a rook SHEARWATER
Confidence shown by religious group carrying on SECRET
Declaration of hero having no effect IDLE
Deficiency in disorderly host far ahead of lines SHORTFALL
Express disapproval over delay in middle of speech giving instruction TUTELAGE
Figure, entirely in trim, with record to beat PARALLELOGRAM
Gather round and study site of battle CULLODEN
Get rid of inspector, mostly mean DISPEL
Join together to get hold of old album, book still in good condition WELLPRESERVED
Look up against it with openers for India still in VISIT
Love participating in games, but finally lost track SPOOR
Mixing pack, separating spades and diamonds? SCRAMBLING
Move quickly from second hill MOTOR
Mug supporting most of tradition concerning imprisonment CUSTODIAL
Clues Answers
Muscle in lean detail RESPECT
One finally obtained rent in action boosting self-esteem EGOTRIP
One parking on road in mess and distress HARDSHIP
Resentment from dope receiving nothing after failure DUDGEON
Romance? Crazy without acceptable gifts TALENTS
Rout distressed a reliable worker TROUPER
Signal from land embracing European plan SEMAPHORE
Tea, not elaborate for cleric CHAPLAIN
Thanks to opening of nightclub, proceed to dance TANGO
Time to expect exercise TASK
Titled female companion protected by proper saints DUCHESS
Trade so involved with commercial anchorage ROADSTEAD
Trick left people in prehistoric tomb DOLMEN
Understanding agent entering houses ENTENTE
Was untrue menu missing regular items for part of year? AUTUMN