New York Times - May 17 1999

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Clues Answers
1975 Wimbledon champ ASHE
Acapulco article UNA
Blanc who was the voice of Bugs Bunny MEL
Blows it ERRS
Cause a stench REEK
Cereal serving BOWL
Chew, like a beaver GNAW
Christmas dinner bird GOOSE
Coolidge’s Veep DAWES
Crazy as a ___ LOON
December 24 and 31 EVES
Desi of “I Love Lucy” ARNAZ
Dishes out ALLOTS
Dramatic wail ALAS
Drinks with straws SODAS
Easy basketball shot LAYUP
Elite TOP
Environmental-ist’s annoyance LITTER
Fall over in a faint PLOTZ
French friend AMI
Furious ANGRY
Furious IRATE
Get hitched quick ELOPE
Give ___ shot ITA
Goggle STARE
High: Prefix ACRO
Homer and others POETS
In the sky ALOFT
Invent, as a phrase COIN
It’ll make you see things LSD
Jane Eyre, e.g. HEROINE
Journalists who don’t have desk jobs ROVINGREPORTERS
Ladies’ room? HAREM
Laid eyes on SEEN
Like most sports telecasts LIVE
Loyal TRUE
Medicine regulators: Abbr. FDA
Mediocre SOSO
Clues Answers
Minuscule TINY
Nabisco cookie OREO
Ninny ASS
Novelist Morrison TONI
Occurrences on icy roads SKIDS
On the ball ALERT
Oriental Avenue neighbor, in Monopoly READINGRAILROAD
Person who gets picked on NERD
Pesky insect GNAT
Plopped down SAT
Prefix with red INFRA
Premier Khrushchev NIKITA
Province east of N.B. PEI
Senseless INANE
Sheepish look GRIN
Small amount TAD
Small football gain YARD
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Steamy places SAUNAS
Student at the Sorbonne ELEVE
Subjects of wills ESTATES
Tablecloths and such LINENS
Teen spots ACNE
Tender spots SORES.
Terrorizes SCARES
The “M” in S.M.U.: Abbr. METH
Tin foil, e.g. WRAP
United ONE
Vicinity AREA
Viewpoint ANGLE
Voice below soprano ALTO
Voting no ANTI
Ward off REPEL
Watch feature, perhaps DATE
Weapons since the late 19th century REPEATINGRIFLES
“And thereby hangs ___” ATALE
“Sesame Street” regular BERT
“Understood” ISEE
“What’s ___ for me?” INIT