Universal - Feb 19 2007

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Clues Answers
''Born in the ___'' USA
''Present'' alternative HERE
''___ death do us ...'' TIL
28th state TEXAS
Acid found in vinegar ACETIC
Add punch to punch? LACE
Allowances for waste TRETS
Apr. workhorse CPA
Art photo shade SEPIA
Cake portion PIECE
Cambodia's continent ASIA
Cardiology concern AORTA
Commandment violation SIN
Compound with a halogen atom HALIDE
Conchs, e.g. SHELLS
Conductor's stick BATON
Continental currency EURO
Cozy country lodges INNS
Damage HARM
Deli bread RYE
Deteriorates ROTS
Disparages KNOCKS
Drying chamber OAST
Earth bound? ATLAS
Eeyore's bookmate ROO
Get a lode of this ORE
Hawaiian ''hello'' ALOHA
Hindu social group CASTE
Horse blanket MANTA
Inner layer of the skin (Var.) DERMA
Instruments of war ARMS
Internet message EMAIL
It's after sigma TAU
It's next to nothing? ONE
Keep under control REININ
King David output PSALM
Large quantity SLEW
Lifting device BRA
Clues Answers
Like a fox SLY
Lobster's pride CLAW
Long-winged sea eagle ERNE
Mambo relative RUMBA
Most macho MANLIEST
Needing liniment, e.g. SORE
Newton of gravity fame ISAAC
Norwegian seaport OSLO
Notable times ERAS
On the sheltered side ALEE
Part of a profit calculation COST
Peepers EYES
Peppy gathering RALLY
Pit stop commodity GAS
Poetically ''always'' EER
React to a lemon PUCKER
Roman robe TOGA
Rue Morgue culprit APE
Rugged mountain range SIERRA
Satisfactory OKAY
Severe emotional shock TRAUMA
Simplest form of payment CASH
Sisters' superior ABBESS
Snooker stick CUE
Source of gum arabic ACACIA
Structure for climbing LADDER
Substance MATTER
Suckers SAPS
Talk casually CHAT
Tossed cube DIE
Wall Street fixture STOCKEXCHANGE
Web filter target SMUT
What a poker player may seek GOODDEAL
Wheel part RIM
Wish things otherwise RUE
With a large trunk? BARRELCHESTED
Yellow-brown TAWNY