The Times - Concise - Times2 Jumbo 522 - October 13, 2012

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Clues Answers
(Of speaking, done) in great quantity NINETEENTOTHEDOZEN
African nation ZIMBABWE
An induction into office INAUGURATION
Approve officially ENDORSE
Aromatic herb BASIL
Australian native ABORIGINE
Belief denying evolution CREATIONISM
Cease trading SHUTUPSHOP
Cetacean WHALE
Church recess APSE
Completely envelop ENSHROUD
Country with capital Kabul AFGHANISTAN
Dark grey colour CHARCOAL
Drinking vessel BEAKER
Eg, emulsion or gloss PAINT
Elaborately arranged display SETPIECE
European language SPANISH
Familiar saying PROVERB
Having been sent back into custody ONREMAND
Installed (as monarch) ENTHRONED
Intelligence; the brain GREYMATTER
Late; sluggish TARDY
Like some bullets HIGHVELOCITY
Making clothes TAILORING
Move with haste RUSH
Moving in straight lines RECTILINEAR
Much larger HUGER
Newly-weds' accommodation BRIDALSUITE
Northern newspaper THESCOTSMAN
Obviously; with clarity CLEARLY
Clues Answers
Oil well structure DRILLINGRIG
Painful effort TRAVAIL
Power-driven cutter CHAINSAW
Prison (in America) HOOSEGOW
Relating to a Shakespearean hero PERICLEAN
Relating to violent upheaval CATACLYSMIC
Ring sport WRESTLING
Rural labourer PEASANT
Russian composer SCRIABIN
Salad plant ENDIVE
Sap-sucking insect MEALYBUG
Scottish cap TAMOSHANTER
Showing creativity IMAGINATIVE
Sir Walter — RALEIGH
Slow (a vehicle) BRAKE
Smoker's accessory PIPECLEANER
Source of danger THREAT
Spanish palace ALCAZAR
State of security SAFETY
String player VIOLIST
Style of column DORIC
Taking (of property) for public use EXPROPRIATION
Tall and thin LANKY
Use again RECYCLE
Waiting to be dealt with INTHEPIPELINE
Way to traverse a road PEDESTRIANCROSSING
When school operates TERMTIME
— Humperdinck, singer/composer ENGELBERT