Wall Street Journal - Feb 16 2007 - February 16, 2007 - Happy New Year!

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Clues Answers
'Barton Fink' director COEN
'Cut it out!' DONT
'Halt, salt!' AVAST
'Him ___--What's It Gonna Be?' (1967 hit) ORME
'Il Convivio' author DANTE
'In other words,...' IMEAN
'My bad' OOPS
'Rope-a-dope' boxer ALI
'The A-Team' performer MRT
'The Barbarian Invasions' director Arcand DENYS
'The Castle' author KAFKA
'The X-Files' extra GMAN
'This minute!' NOW
'___ little teapot...' IMA
2001 Nickelodeon sitcom TAINA
A pop PER
A pop EACH
Accustom INURE
Advice for a young man GOWEST
Ameliorates EASES
Another name for the yak GRUNTINGOX
Argentine expanse PAMPA
Asia boundary range URALS
Australian fast food chain REDROOSTER
Authority SAYSO
Band hand ROADIE
Barney and Fred's time STONEAGE
Beeper calls PAGES
Big book TOME
Big name in casual clothes GAP
Blow the whistle TELL
Bridge expert Charles GOREN
Brilliant success ECLAT
Brotherhood since 1868 ELKS
Canine command STAY
Capital of Samoa APIA
Check mates STUBS
Chinese menu phrase NOMSG
Class paper ESSAY
Clearasil target ACNE
Coaster SLED
Come before ANTECEDE
Comic shriek EEK
Cook's spray PAM
Division of time ERA
Dye family AZO
Early birds? EGGS
Engagement clincher RING
Entertain guests HOST
Famed Florentine family MEDICI
Foxglove cousin SNAPDRAGON
Fr. holy woman STE
Frosts HOARS
Garage worker GREASEMONKEY
Gave a hoot CARED
German article EINER
Gravity target MASS
Gymnastics event POMMELHORSE
Half an ice cream flavor FRUTTI
He resigned October 10, 1973 AGNEW
He's all wrapped up in himself COILEDSNAKE
Heyerdahl's '___-Tiki' KON
Hide-working tools AWLS
IM user, perhaps AOLER
In a pious manner HOLILY
In shock, to Coleridge AGASP
Indicator of trouble in the night BARKINGDOG
Ink smudge BLOT
Irish lullaby syllables LOORA
Clues Answers
Is indisposed AILS
It has little bite PAPERTIGER
It includes many companies ARMY
Julia of 'Legends of the Fall' ORMOND
King of Naples in 'The Tempest' ALONSO
Light, in a way LOWFAT
Like racehorses SHOD
Lowly worker PEON
Lyric piece ODE
Mainlander, to Hawaiians HAOLE
Make ___ of (botch) AMESS
Men's home? MARS
Mocha man YEMENI
Monotonous practice RUT
Move imperceptibly OOZE
Musical buildup: Abbr. CRESC
Musical update of 'La Bohème' RENT
Must repay OWETO
Night, to Nero NOX
Not-so-great hand ONEPAIR
Noted English diarist PEPYS
Out-and-out ARRANT
Part of UCLA LOS
Participant in a literary tea party THEMARCHHARE
Phrase of suspicion ISMELLARAT
Pistol, for example SIDEARM
Places for the pampered SPAS
Plumed bird EGRET
Porky's love PETUNIAPIG
Potential embryos OVA
Printed rebuttals OPEDS
Prom partner DATE
Question type YESNO
Removes seeds from GINS
Revealing photo XRAY
Rink jump AXEL
Riyadh residents ARABS
Rock variety ACID
Rookie socialites DEBS
Runner Sebastian COE
Sales worker REP
Self-indulgent sort HOG
She played Mia in 'Pulp Fiction' UMA
Site of France's biggest cathedral AMIENS
Some Swiss watches OMEGAS
Some Wharton grads MBAS
Sorbet flavor MANGO
Spring bloomers CROCI
Stick for breaking CUE
Sticky HUMID
Strike seeker KEGLER
Student of Socrates PLATO
Suffix for wide-screen movie trademarks ORAMA
Sweet sandwich OREO
They're cut before the dealer gets them GEMS
Try to drop off COUNTSHEEP
Valentine gift ROSE
Vaulted recess APSE
Vertical baselines YAXES
Vessel made of wood from Mount Pelion ARGO
Villain with a base on Crab Key DRNO
Was fond of LIKED
Wheel-to-wheel rod AXLE
Where It.'s at EUR
Where van Gogh painted 'Sunflowers' ARLES
You can dig it ORE
___ the side of caution ERRON
___ Tunes LOONEY