The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 25145 - April 24, 2012

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Clues Answers
... boarding here for Bengal, where Tom may stay CATTERY
A sturdy horse carrying Jack's twin brother JACOB
Agreement on cuts finally in headcount CONSENSUS
City landlord finally leaving S African port ... URBAN
Clot aunt again dispersed, using this? ANTICOAGULANT
Consider round patty containing last of chicken OPINE
Early works of Anglican cleric, one enthralled by woman JUVENILIA
Engraved memorials I removed from clubs BRASSES
Feel able and willing, having discerning pupils? SEEONESWAYCLEAR
Former censor's right to keep Bible — it's used in digs EXCAVATOR
Friend's husband going in to cry when hunting TALLYHO
Grumpy type to negotiate plot CROSSPATCH
In speech, greeting breaks current rules from the East SWAHILI
It happens the day before a book is written EVENT
Clues Answers
It makes head of judiciary worry — and the rest! JAILBREAK
It may accommodate students initially taking courses SEATING
Makes reprisal for uprising say in plant AVENGES
MI6 crackdown comforting to the young? SECURITYBLANKET
Not a characteristic of tiny Tudor composers? ROTUNDITY
Offensive old master's start in new French department NOISOME
Pipe in river skirted by the late carrier? BRIER
Relative heads board? That can be allowed GRANTABLE
Retiring Indian dignitary, not entirely open AJAR
Sailing-ship possibly causing alarm in 23? BARK
Shoe abandoned by bachelor, one behaving atypically ROGUE
Sort of 25 in Jessica's caravan CASCARA
Source of reports of spring in farmhouse SHOOTINGRANGE
Swimming around spy trout variety extremely confused TOPSYTURVY