- Feb 12 2007

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Clues Answers
''So long!'' SEEYA
''Who cares?'' SOWHAT
5 Down component TAPEPLAYER
Actor with top billing STAR
Add to the staff HIRE
African snakes ASPS
Alan of ''M*A*S*H'' ALDA
Assistant HELPER
Audio system STEREO
Author __ Stanley Gardner ERLE
Barrel strip STAVE
Be a snitch TELL
Before, in verse ERE
Boats like Noah's ARKS
Breeze-maker on a sill WINDOWFAN
Church toppers SPIRES
Clip-on communicator PAGER
Close tightly SEAL
Close to NEAR
Coat with a hood PARKA
Corn portion EAR
Cram too many people into OVERCROWD
Curbside refuse TRASH
Daytime drama SOAP
Doily material LACE
Enjoying a cruise ASEA
Family rooms DENS
Fill completely SATE
Fill, as a camera LOAD
Finals and midterms TESTS
Golf instructor PRO
Gooey hairdo holders GELS
Group of eight singers OCTET
Had a good cry WEPT
Hair tangles SNARLS
Herbal brews TEAS
In addition ALSO
In flames AFIRE
In one's hometown LOCAL
Clues Answers
Land surrounded by water ISLE
Laundry WASH
Loch __ monster NESS
Long story SAGA
Melody TUNE
Money in Italy EURO
More ashen PALER
More crafty SLIER
Mrs. Bush LAURA
National bird EAGLE
News-show summaries RECAPS
Not cooked RAW
Not fatty LEAN
Old West vehicle STAGECOACH
Once more ANEW
Open-mouthed AGAPE
Peeled, as potatoes PARED
Playground retort ARESO
Profound DEEP
Region AREA
River barriers DAMS
Rushed toward RANAT
Send out for food EATIN
Severe ACUTE
Show the way LEAD
Shut forcefully SLAM
Slow-moving creature SNAIL
Storage structures SHEDS
Stringed instruments CELLOS
Supermarket section DELI
Swiss peaks ALPS
Talked back to SASSED
The lady's HERS
Venetian-blind parts SLATS
Walk out the door LEAVE
Warsaw native POLE
Wicked EVIL