The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 957 - December 24, 2011

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Clues Answers
About time, I grant, to get a cold drink ICEDTEA
An inappropriate Nutcracker? SLEDGEHAMMER
Annoy one with serious criticisms about hospital radio GHETTOBLASTER
Arrives with fury — one scores again ARRANGER
Article dropped in sea's not lost, having these BEARINGS
Artists' torso may be found in bedroom CHESTOFDRAWERS
As a piece of drill, recent moves had an effect CENTREBIT
Barrister dropping round in mess RUMPLE
Beaten cloth WORSTED
Bully by nature, I reformed TAURINE
Chap's entered a nightclub, by gum ADHESIVE
Cheated brother out of employment, holding answer back ESAU
Circuitous charge traps soldiers INDIRECT
Comparatively flabby objection about to stand TUBBIER
Computer files used in regenerating woodlands DOWNLOADS
Confirm as successor in troubled nation ANOINT
Criticised, holding me back to be given new plan REMAPPED
Divine figure half complete THOR
Easy win, with a partner covering king WALKOVER
Employed, he would give you his best shot HIREDGUN
Enjoyable evening in theatre? Splendid! GOODSHOW
Entering game, one is more restricted POKIER
Explain very simply — even more simply than that? (3,2,5,2,3,8) PUTINWORDSOFONESYLLABLE
Facing danger, he nattered stupidly THREATENED
Free rein to design tabernacle around church CARTEBLANCHE
From country, saint's taking high road back ALBANIA
Get away from the bottle — pale ale finally drunk WEAN
Gloomy position of production director OVERCAST
He commits a little money to account book PLEDGER
Is adrift in storm, getting medical attention FIRSTAID
Clues Answers
Keep behind bridge and go straight on FOLLOWONESNOSE
Largely hot curry ingredients in care homes HOSPICES
Like meal? Fanfare! FLOURISH
Limit subsidy regime CAP
Miss that regrets taking part in hypnotism OTIS
Mixed feelings as character of surroundings oppresses girl AMBIVALENCE
Not accepting luck gives reasonable prospect FIGHTINGCHANCE
Not confident help can reach half of continent AFRAID
Note crowd's only half British — that's worth bearing in mind MEMORABLE
Old ship's freight's first to be jettisoned ARGO
One was shot, but made no sound SILENTFILM
Otherwise brave homeowner moves to where skies are blue SOMEWHEREOVERTHERAINBOW
Part of Marxist theory is a difficulty for pupils CLASSSTRUGGLE
Present is last to arrive? Not at all NOWISE
River Po silt finally an aid for gardeners FLOWERPOT
Roughly everyone in queue for mobile service CALLWAITING
Run the nation RACE
Servant bitten by extremely brave mouse BLACKEYE
Side of a church in direct contact FACETOFACE
Slap-up meal, but no starter for one of four at table EAST
Stage of insect's life in the sun, say INSTAR
Start to talk Greek TAU
Turning, rule line for mechanical part WALL
Twist bandage, suppressing cry of pain — this gives misleading impression WINDOWDRESSING
Unique genius is roughly interrupted by monarch SUIGENERIS
Valuable item Irish ladies perhaps smuggled through border HEIRLOOM
What one may do to old controversy, I note, after period in power REIGNITE
Where one may hear old pianist that's regularly successful ONAROLL
Where to find bird? That's very silly! INANEST
Write to prime minister, having one's say? PENNORTH