The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 942 - September 10, 2011

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Clues Answers
A short resting place in entrance to compound AGGRAVATE
Accounts official got from reserve team member BOOKKEEPER
Agree second series of drugs — then you kick yourself SEEEYETOEYE
Agreement holds involving four of the Roman seminaries YESHIVAS
Altogether a large old creature BUFFALO
Always in gym, one's getting the benefit? PAYEE
Apply vote — raised palm perhaps should secure it EXERT
Approaches stage with drink STEPSUP
Article about beer bottles by topless rag hasn't, surprisingly, lots to say about that! THEREBYHANGSATALE
Batch work is unusual reminder of an earlier time THROWBACK
Carrying can: got upset about that TOTING
Chap OK with recycling: one that's found among the Greens PAKCHOI
Character in Beano's reportedly had up PERSONA
City in France, the one by dangerous bend in gorge LEIPZIG
Copy in one hand is a follow-up to CD IMITATE
Country house shooting party stop at last of these EGYPT
Damaged incurred by one shot at competition? ENTRYFEE
Establishment hoping for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? TROUTFARM
Extraordinary guile by resistance gets more revolting UGLIER
Food makes you large — woman with no regrets about that PILAF
Fool meeting wild animal departs prompt IDIOTBOARD
Gags have one for the fifth time most confused MUZZIEST
Girl raised in East End had nothing LINDA
Hamlet character's empty oratory doing for sick traveller VOYAGER
Hearty bad weather report by spring forecasters concealing pained expression HAILFELLOWWELLMET
Hypothesis one can knock down with far-reaching consequences? DOMINOTHEORY
I near eastern end of Borneo with no guidebook EGONRONAY
Informally, pass returns on, revealing all shortly DUNNO
Irish girl's hesitation to interrupt Reg's suppliers DERVLA
Joint guard to maintain around nitrogen trailer KNEEPAD
Leg beneath raft section, prepare to surf? LOGON
Clues Answers
Like fresh road surface perhaps not to split TARRY
Lover who's gone flat out to provide excuse EXPLAINAWAY
Maybe lift notes from impromptu jazz orchestra book — just tips MUZAK
Miss road leading to county GALWAY
Mouth promotional material that's rot GOBAD
Much sleep he lost going about one artificially modified address HELIUMSPEECH
One grunting sound from elevator returning RAZORBACK
One who'll be military commander and King for a period OCTOBER
Out of date, or below the peak OLDEN
Rabble-rousing? Does perhaps, a year after giant university cuts DEMAGOGUERY
Reference head of co-ed's off to obtain briefly OXFORDENGLISHDICTIONARY
Rough at the edges, young gangsta, romantic on reflection CRAGGY
Shocking way of treating dogs repelled police vet INSPECT
Special kit delighted kids GLADRAGS
Survive and encourage individuals to meet and suffer embarrassment (2,4,4,3,2,4,4) BELEFTWITHEGGONONESFACE
Sweating, perhaps, as criminal gets in EGESTING
Tour a guide is periodically giving parties ORGIES
Traveller in time drained of energy attracted some laughter DRWHO
Travelling to USA, PM makes plans MAPSOUT
Tug finally coming in before ship's going out EGRESS
Turned gas on with ... this? SCREW
Unit is deployed at the original place INSITU
Unreliable race times horseman reported FLYBYNIGHT
Vacant historian concealing bloomers ACANTHI
Variable amount: ie variable whatever YOUNAMEIT
Welcome men turning up married in Muslim city of Asia HIROSHIMA
Whacked dancer on head for skipping odd bits JIGGERED
What's serving American to the north with a little room? IGLOO
When admitting to drink problem initially I mention eg shakes OPENINGTIME
Where skiers go for debate UPINTHEAIR
Writer one associates with Nottingham Forest ISHERWOOD