New York Times - May 6 1999

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Clues Answers
'Driving Miss Daisy' playwright UHRY
'Let's go, Pedro!' VAMOS
'Master' SAHIB
'___ one...' (opiner's opening) IFOR
1950's British P.M. EDEN
A man has to have one XCHROMOSOME
Affixed one's mark XED
Apple gizmo CORER
Arm of the Arctic KARASEA
Asian language spoken by 32 million BURMESE
Author Mario Vargas ___ LLOSA
Baba ___ (Radner character) WAWA
Bulldogs ELIS
Capital on the Bight of Benin ACCRA
Car owner's worry DENT
Catalan-born bandleader XAVIERCUGAT
Chimney output ASH
Common street name ELM
Disciple of Socrates XENOPHON
Draft, maybe ALE
End of a threat ORELSE
Equinox sign ARIES
Escape clauses OUTS
Females, in feminist writing WOMYN
Fine word for libraries OVERDUE
Give the slip EVADE
Gold statuette OSCAR
Golfer Woosnam IAN
Hill worker ANT
It ended about 10,000 years ago ICEAGE
It may cover a diamond TARP
It's often made with the eyes closed WISH
Kind of center REC
Left no doubt about ENSURED
Clues Answers
Like some doctors ONCALL
Lowing herd's locale, in a Gray elegy LEA
Massachusetts Senator KERRY
Member of the genus Equus ASS
National Guard buildings ARMORIES
New Year's entertainment BOWL
Oldest of the Brady bunch GREG
One of three Ottoman sultans AHMED.
Part of a temple's décor, maybe IDOL
Persian Gulf dweller QATARI
Popular 1990's revival BEETLE
Powerful Western coalition GSEVEN
Press conference activity QANDA
Quarters of many quartets BASSES
Rail yard sight BOXCAR
Record TAPE
Repeated ECHOED
Retrievers' relievers? VETS
Rub' al Khali residents ARABS
Sandinista leader ORTEGA
Second coming ENCORE
Some facsimiles XEROXCOPIES
Some health food stores COOPS
Some mattresses SERTAS
Standout pitcher ACE
Stick up ROB
Sushi wrap SEAWEED
T-shirt category LARGES
Take ___ from someone's book APAGE
TV knob TINT
Vulcan portrayer NIMOY
Wags a finger at SCOLDS
Warhol subject MAO
What Polonius hid behind ARRAS
Word with you ARE
___ Speedwagon REO