Universal - Feb 4 2007

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Clues Answers
''Frasier'' character DAPHNE
''Of Thee I ___'' SING
''The Luck of Roaring Camp'' writer HARTE
Agent of the Vietnam War? ORANGE
Arabian Sea gulf ADEN
Australian city PERTH
Battleship score HIT
Bearded beasts GNUS
Blanket material SNOW
Cartoon skunk ___ Le Pew PEPE
Certain appetizer FINGERSANDWICH
Certain mushroom MOREL
Charley horse, e.g. ACHE
Clock standard, briefly GMT
Computer image ICON
Corporeal quintet SENSES
Deliver a diatribe, e.g. RANT
Division of a long poem CANTO
Each, in sports scores ALL
Elegantly showy DASHY
Entranceways DOORS
Exceedingly VERY
Extremist's prefix ULTRA
Far from bold MOUSY
Fascinated by INTO
Flowery scent LILAC
Foofaraw HOOHA
Former Genoese magistrate DOGE
Future flower BUD
Giants player-manager OTT
Gift of the Wise Men MYRRH
Horse course HAY
Impetuous ardor ELAN
Inspire profoundly IMBUE
Kind of goat or rabbit ANGORA
Layers, really HENS
Low-quality diamond BORT
Clues Answers
Make scholarly revisions, e.g. EMEND
Mall forerunner AGORA
Moneymaker, really MINT
Monthly outlay, for some RENT
Nasal sound TWANG
Nitrogenous waste UREA
No longer asleep WOKEN
Nullification OVERRIDE
Org. concerned with leaks CIA
Palindromic time NOON
Peaked cap KEPI
Plural-ending indicator ESS
Proof of employment, perhaps IDCARD
Raymond and Aaron BURRS
Salad morsels, perhaps ARTICHOKEHEARTS
Screenwriter Ephron NORA
Smokes meat, e.g. CURES
Snake tooth FANG
Some meadow mamas EWES
Something to feather NEST
Street address abbr., perhaps AVE
The bottom line TOTAL
The Gold Coast, now GHANA
The way the wind blows, perhaps LEEWARD
They're roomy? INNS
Two cents' worth SAY
Type of pole TOTEM
Varied mixture OLIO
Wahine dance HULA
Water container? DIKE
With no ice NEAT
Word in a script ENTER
___ alia (among other things) INTER
___ En-lai CHOU
___'acte (intermission) ENTR