L.A. Times Sunday - Jan 28 2007

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Clues Answers
"--- poetica" ARS
"Congress shall make ---..." NOLAW
"Gloomy" guy GUS
"Guys and Dolls" doll ADELAIDE
"Love Story" composer Francis LAI
"See what ---?" IMEAN
"Shall we?" reply LETS
"Wifey" author Judy BLUME
--- a high note ENDON
--- hand (help) LENDA
1989 Travolta-Alley comedy LOOKWHOSTALKING
6 before a slash JUNE
A land and a world were named for him DISNEY
Actors Richard and Eddie EGANS
Advanced degs. MAS
Ain't right? ISNT
Art song LIED
Beau Bridges sci-fi series STARGATE
Big name in raincoats LONDONFOG
Bleacherite's barb JEER
Bread machine cycle KNEAD
Brief summary RECAP
Browning pieces? TOASTERS
Cambodia's Phnom --- PENH
Came to rest ALIT
Cariou of "Boynton Beach Club" LEN
Children's author Politi LEO
Complacency SMUGNESS
Corp. money bosses CFOS
Crib sheet user? TOT
DDE nickname IKE
Dial-up alternative DSL
Director Brian De --- PALMA
Dissoluteness LOOSELIVING
Effortless moves GLIDES
Essence NUB
Far from "fer" AGIN
FDR follower HST
Feminist Germaine GREER
Fine distinction NUANCE
Fish-stick fish COD
Fluffy skirt TUTU
Fly catcher? TROUT
Fowl pole ROOST
Freight weight TON
Freshened RENEWED
Friend of Harry and Hermione RON
Gilligan's boat MINNOW
Girls' or government org. GSA
Good at bar mitzvahs? TOV
Greg Norman's norms PARS
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hardly handy INEPT
Harvard color CRIMSON
Hawke of "Before Sunset" ETHAN
Herbivorous behemoth RHINO
Hose woes SNAGS
Housing ad abbr. APT
In a crescendo SURGING
In the doldrums SAD
Insouciant syllables TRALA
It may have a glazed look TILE
It never flew EMU
It no longer flies SST
It runs on runners SLEIGH
James of "Marcus Welby, MD" BROLIN
Jason, e.g. ARGONAUT
JFK's service branch USN
Clues Answers
King in an '05 film KONG
Kirghiz range ALAI
Least roomy SNUGGEST
Like a supporting wall LOADBEARING
Like some sums TIDY
Limp as --- ARAG
Lizard in a play and film title IGUANA
Lone Ranger, to Tonto KEMOSABE
Lounging around LOLLYGAGGING
Love stories ROMANCES
Meditation method YOGA
Mock fanfare TADA
Montreal street sign word RUE
More E than N ENE
Mun. official ALD
Natalie's "Unforgettable" pop NAT
Not a nobody SOMEONE
Novel set in Tahiti OMOO
Offer an orison PRAY
Oktoberfest toast PROSIT
Old infomercial knife GINSU
One-named Irish singer ENYA
Overlook point TOR
Pachelbel's period BAROQUE
Pairs holder ARK
Papal envoy NUNCIO
Persecution delusion PARANOIA
Pig's digs STY
Plasma providers DONORS
Political campaign medium MAILINGS
Politicians' quid pro quo LOGROLLING
Preclude DEBAR
Pres. Day's day MON
Prompt arrival time? DOT
Put the --- on (veto) KIBOSH
QED opener QUOD
Quill pen points NIBS
Rainbow producer MIST
Remove from the closet? OUT
Retro dresses ALINES
Rock climber's handhold CRAG
Runs in the park JOGS
Scot's not NAE
Set things right ATONE
Shaped like a pie slice WEDGY
Ship board PLANK
Short order? BLT
Slow periods LULLS
Soft margarine containers TUBS
Software test version BETA
Spirogyra, e.g. ALGA
Suffix with kid VID
Tale of Troy AENEID
The right call? GEE
They were here first AMERINDS
They're numbered in NYC STS
Thin as --- ARAIL
Those guys THEY
Three-step musical intervals TRITONES
Trolley sounds CLANGS
Twosomes DYADS
Understating on purpose LOWBALLING
Walk wearily PLOD
Wayfarer's stops INNS
Word in Robin's exclamations HOLY
Yonder yacht SHE
Yours and mine PRONOUNS