New York Times - Apr 29 1999

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Clues Answers
'Get ___!' (modern catch phrase) AGRIP
'Oh dear!' ALAS
'What do ___?' ICARE
'Xanadu' grp. ELO
1972 and '74 Oscar-winning screenwriter PUZO
African herd member ELAND
Aloha State port HILO
Anise-flavored liqueurs OUZOS
Artist Mondrian PIET
Belittle ABASE
Birdbrain SIMP
Bone to pick GRIPE
Certain helicopter COBRA
Choice mushrooms INKYCAPS
Clock setting at LAX PST
Common roll SEVEN
Elevator brand OTIS
End of a Baum title OFOZ
Firefighter Red ADAIR
First Secretary of War KNOX
Flirtatious gesture WINK
G-sharp equivalent AFLAT
Giant number GOOGOL
Handle, as used goods RESELL
Harvest fly CICADA
Hindu hero RAMA
It's dipped in milk OREO
Kinship TIE
Kurosawa of the cinema AKIRA
Legal plea, for short NOLO
Like some Mexican pyramids AZTECAN
Magazine with a 14-Across on its cover ELLE
Many a synthesizer MOOG
Mexican wraps SERAPES
Clues Answers
Mournful ELEGIAC
Musician John TESH
Never having heard 'Peer Gynt Suite'? GRIEGTRAGEDY
Noughts-and-crosses line XOX
Occasion to buy a CD of the 'Polonaise-Militaire'? CHOPINSPREE
One who encouraged the composer of 'Hungarian Dances'? BRAHMSSTOKER
Opening note to 'Carmen'? BIZETSIGNAL
Pointed arch OGIVE
Prefix with day or year YESTER
Psychic Geller URI
Refine SMELT
Religious retreat ABBEY
Runway walker MODEL
Sen. Kefauver ESTES
Skilled ADEPT
Slowdown LAG
Source of intolerance LACTOSE
Spin doctor's concern IMAGE
Sponges SOTS
Squealer PIG
Stratum TIER
Strong adhesives EPOXIES
Supposes DEEMS
Surefooted goat IBEX
Swung, so to speak MANAGED
Theologian Kierkegaard SOREN
Thunders DINS
Thunders ROARS
Urbanization, e.g. TREND
V.A. concern POW
Very dry BRUT
Very much ALOT
Waterfront SEACOAST
Way back when AGO
Wonderful state ZEN
___ Marché (world's first department store) BON
___ Palmas LAS