The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 24687 - November 5, 2010

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Clues Answers
Check fastening's secure inside revolver SPINNINGTOP
Class out to be disruptive during examination TUTORIAL
Concert in a foreign town — one's missed the start UNITY
Conservative victory apparent just before end of polling RIGHTWING
Court guarded by two officers WOO
Drink presented in tea service? Nothing wrong in that CHASER
Editor of Socialist Worker in drama REDACTOR
European takes microphone in debate POLEMIC
For starters, scrambled egg's off: here's main course SEAWAY
Learns there's trouble at t'mill, for example CONSTRUCTION
Napoleon succeeded with show of strength and cunning? Unlikely PIGSMIGHTFLY
Obese man squashed tiny creature MASONBEE
One blogger finally put up bulletin board message, giving quick reply RIPOSTING
Original ally crosses boundary PRIMAL
Clues Answers
Permission to proceed, with no further questions needed ALLCLEAR
Physicist wants stuff written up about current MARCONI
Pieces of coal left out for fire SACK
Rime told that's involved Ancient Mariner? OLDTIMER
River, not wide, meanders round centre of Burundi INDUS
Scheme works, for the most part PLAN
Serious effect of devilish deed? IMPACT
Servant provides food about half nine MENIAL
Sport's top equestrian SHOWJUMPER
Such conditions in very low temperature at end of January? ICY
Superior position offering exciting work once employment's secured HOUSETOP
Swimming costume, foremost among beachwear items family's taken to island BIKINI
Taiwan helps development of European region WESTPHALIAN
They might challenge increase in wealth by writer GAINSAYERS